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12.9″ iPad Air Display Shipments Begin for March 2024 Launch

2023 will be the first calendar year in the device’s history with no new iPads released, but updates to the entire iPad lineup are expected next year. The next iPad Air is expected to be available in two sizes.


According to a post on X today by Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple’s supply chain began shipments of display panels for a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air this month. Young has a good track record for Apple display rumors, so the information he shared today is likely correct.


Several other sources, including Taiwanese supply chain publication DigiTimes, Apple analyst Ming-Chu Kuo, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, have claimed that Apple plans to release a 12.9-inch iPad Air. Gurman stated that the 12.9-inch iPad Air will be released around March 2024.


Aside from its larger display size, no major design changes for the 12.9-inch iPad Air have been rumored. The current iPad Air has a 10.9-inch display, and it is also expected to be updated in March of next year.


The next iPad Pro models are widely expected to have OLED displays, and as a result, they will most likely be more expensive than the current iPad Pro models. The 12.9-inch iPad Air should be priced between the 10.9-inch iPad Air and the next 11-inch iPad Pro by sticking with a more cost-effective LCD panel.

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