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Apple Stops Signing iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2, Preventing Downgrading

Apple has stopped signing iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2, making it impossible for iPhone users to downgrade to those versions of iOS. Following the release of iOS 17.2 on December 11 and iOS 17.2.1 today, Apple is no longer signing updates.


It is common for iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2 to no longer be signed. Apple routinely discontinues signing older versions of iOS following new releases to encourage customers to keep their operating systems up to date and prevent users from downgrading to more senior, less secure software versions.


iOS 17.2.1 is the most recent version of iOS 17 that is publicly available. It included unspecified bug fixes, but the iOS 17.2 update before it had the Journal app, spatial video recording on iPhone 15 Pro models, Messages and Apple Music updates, and more.


It is anticipated that iOS 17.3, iPadOS 17.3, macOS 14.3, tvOS 17.3, and watchOS 10.3 will all be released to the general public in January. Due to the holidays around Christmas and New Year’s, beta testing will be slightly delayed.

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