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CarPlay-Enabled Airstream App for RV Monitoring

Everything now has a CarPlay app. Airstream, yes, that Airstream now has a CarPlay app for monitoring RV systems.


RVs have become smarter over time. Airstream already has a mobile app for its Smart Control technology. The most recent version adds Tow Mode and Camp Mode information to your dashboard.


Tow Mode and Camp Mode are new features in the CarPlay Smart Control app. Tow Mode allows owners to monitor critical RV systems such as tank levels and battery status. Tow Mode allows Classic Travel Trailer owners to monitor their trailer’s tyre pressure to ensure correct inflation.


Owners can monitor the internal temperature and electrical systems when away from the travel trailer by using Camp Mode. Temperature is especially crucial for the well-being of pets who are patiently awaiting the return of their owners to the Airstream. Users can quickly switch between Tow and Camp modes by visiting the Smart Control webpage.


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