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How to Allocate more RAM to Minecraft

Minecraft is a wonderful game. A creative game is why becoming popular amongst the community of PC gamers. For some, it may be a simple and boring game as the design is not attractive as compared to other games.  

Its design may also want you to stay confined to its allocated RAM space, whereas, there is many things going on in the background that may compel you to consider modifying its RAM allocation. If you are new in doing such things, we bring you this amazing post as how to allocate more ram to Minecraft.  Follow the steps to give more space to the game as playing in Bedrock can be more challenging for the RAM than Java. 

Minicraft Game – How to Allocate More RAM

Before you learn how to change the settings, you must find the PC will allow you such a change. If there is not enough RAM installed, how could you assign a larger part of it to a single game?  

Do you have spare RAM? 

Before you continue knowing how to allocate more ram to Minecraft, you must ensure you have enough RAM in your Personal Computer. Follow the below steps to know the extra RAM you have:

  • Click the Start button in Windows and choose the ‘Settings’ option. It is above the Power option.
  • A window will appear showing different options. Click System option and another admin panel tray may open. Scroll down the tray, and navigate to the ‘About’ tab. 
  • Click the ‘About’ button. If not using Windows 10 or updated version, you may find the About option on the window that appears soon after clicking the Settings icon from the Start button.
  • The About page reveals your device specifications. Look against the ‘Installed RAM’ and you will get to know the capacity you have to allocate a part of it to Minecraft. Minecraft may require 2GB of RAM at the lowest, so you must have 4GB RAM installed in your PC. More than that is a plus sign. 

How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft server with Default Launcher

The default launcher of Minecraft has reached us with extensive modifications. It is not how it used to look a few years back. Despite the changes, it still allows allocating more RAM from your PC to help you play without any issue. 

  • Click Minecraft Launcher to open. Choose the version you would like to play. It can be either Java or Bedrock. Here it starts as how to allocate more ram to Minecraft 2019
  • Click the Installations option from the tab that can be found at the top. This will reveal all the game releases in a list. You may find only the recent version to use if you have not chosen a particular version.
  • Move your mouse cursor around the ‘Installation tab’ and hit the white dots. It is on the right side. The three dots may open-up more options. Click ‘Edit’ in it.
  • The edit Installation page appears. It carries information about the Version, Game Directory, and other settings. Scroll down the page and navigate to JVM Arguments.
  • Click the code field against the JVM Arguments. The code starts with Xm2G. Forget about the rest of the code, as you are concerned about the first part only. In Xm2G, the 2 denotes the amount of RAM assigned for Minecraft. 
  • Replace this 2 with any value like 4 or 6, and 4GM of GB of RAM space will be allocated to the Minecraft. 
  • Click the ‘Save’ option to let the changes take effect, and you have successfully allotted the extra RAM to your favorite game. 

This method of Minecraft how to allocate more ram is a simple and easier one. Seek assistance from each and move towards the modification. If at any stage, you are stuck, try checking if you are following the tutorial accurately or committing a mistake. Good luck. 

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