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Animations Are The Best Strategy In 2020

The hard truth about corporate brands is no matter how much they try they are perceived as dull and boring. The image that conjures up in the mind upon hearing the word corporate brand is of suit-clad straight faces giving or attending PowerPoint Presentations. 

These brands come across as stiff but it is not true for all corporate brands. Some of these brands show a vibrant side through animations. And this is exactly why we are claiming that animations are the best strategy for the year 2020. 

This year started off with depressing notes as we all witnessed the deadly virus in the form of a pandemic. The general atmosphere around the globe is gloomy and sad. This makes it even more vital that brands try and show positivity and uplift the mood of their consumers.

If a company has a very formal approach and an air of stiff culture, it needs to loosen a little and consider corporate animations to lighten up the mood. They need to hire the professionals for video and animation services. Such animations have several benefits; let’s have a look at some of them.

Simplifies The Complexities

Concepts and protocols that are complex can be hard to grasp by the consumers (at least for a chunk of them) and that can affect the sales. The key benefit of investing in animations is it simplifies the complex concepts and breaks it down into smaller easy to understand parts for the audience to comprehend.

For example, if a brand is trying to explain a technical subject to its audience; the animated video would be the best way to do it because it is easy to show than to deliver it through a text. Animated videos are generally a hit due to their easy to comprehend nature.

The Fun Factor

It is in the nature of animations to take out the seriousness out from reality and turn it into something fun and interesting. It adds whimsical tone and light to the subject and it doesn’t matter how dull and lifeless the subject is.

Provide Space For Creativity

Reality has its own limitations and it includes live-action videos as well. However, in animations, there is an open field to play as you like it. Actions, characters, and settings can be created that are otherwise impossible. 

Regular live-action videos can pull off only some antiques but animated videos. Imagery and infographics can also be included easily in the animated videos as it can get a little tough to include in live-action videos.

It Is Nostalgic

Animations and cartoons serve as a portal that brings the audience back to their childhood. It often makes the viewers nostalgic and they enjoy it to the fullest. They are immersed in watching the video and the message is delivered successfully.

When fun characters are aligned systematically with business objectives it may take the audience into the moments they want to relive. This can make the product, idea, or service sellable.

Things To Remember When Creating Animated Videos

There are several ways to make the animated video similarly there are many ways that can ruin the experience for the viewers. It is better to make oneself familiar with the do’s and don’ts of animation.

The Do’s

  • Add visual branding throughout the video.
  • Incorporate logo.
  • Rely on the right animation style.
  • Tell a story or create a theme.
  • Make sure the concept is clear and crisp.
  • Address the pain points of the audience.
  • The business objective should be at the heart of the animation.
  • Always include a call-to-action at the end.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t make it too long.
  • It should not be over complicated.
  • It should also not be overly explained.
  • Don’t be too focused on selling.
  • Visuals should not be complicated.
  • Don’t rely on average voice over artists.

Animation Is Cheap To Produce

Animated videos are cheaper to produce than live videos. The cost of actors, shooting, and editing us way more expensive and requires a lot more effort than creating animation.

Animated Video In Social Media Strategy

Animations can play a vital role in the success of the social media strategy but for that, it is important to know how to use it in the right way.

Keep The Animated Videos Short

When people are scrolling through their social media feed they tend to pay less attention. This is why the videos for social media should be on point and short. They need to be entertaining and must have the ability to suck in the viewer. 

Autoplay Should Be Considered

Videos in the feed start to play automatically when scrolled. That first frame should be able to grab attention instantly. These videos play silently and this can be a major drawback if the video is unable to be interesting without the sound.

Different Videos For Different Channels

Different social media platforms are for different purposes. for example, YouTube is more inclined towards educational purposes, Facebook has a personal touch to it, and LinkedIn is used mostly for professional communication. 

To get the most advantage out of the video they should be placed on the proper channel. Brands may focus on creating different videos with related messages as per the requirement of the platform.

Animations, however, provide a good chance to experiment with different types. Brands can then decide which type suits their marketing strategy.

Cutting The Story Short

There is no denying that animation is a very powerful tool used for marketing. This is a trend that should not be missed by corporate brands especially if they are trying to deliver the vibrant message.

It may get the brand the desired number of likes and shares that were needed. Animations appeal to the market and the audience and that is the ultimate goal for any business.

All in all, investing in animations is a good idea for corporate brands to uplift their image. Brands that don’t want to be known as the dull and boring they need to try animations because they will give them a reputation of lighthearted attitude.

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Maham Khan, a tech enthusiast has years-long experience in writing articles about various tech and app related topics. Bearing the right skills and years-long expertise, she manages to create versatile content every time that impresses the readers and leaves them in awe. She is the resident writer at Logo Knox, the video and animation services provider globally.

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