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Apple is to be sued by the US Department of Justice for Antitrust as soon as Tomorrow

Recently, there has been much talk about the EU Commission taking strict measures against large tech corporations like Apple. The Digital Markets Act, for example, has significantly modified the functionality of the iPhone, at least within the EU.


However, Apple is also under domestic regulatory pressure. According to a recent Bloomberg report, the Department of Justice is preparing to bring a formal lawsuit against Apple as soon as tomorrow. The lawsuit alleges that Apple restricted access to iPhone hardware and software features in violation of antitrust laws.


Although the lawsuit’s allegations are still pending, they are anticipated to center on the iOS App Store’s monopolistic dominance. 


Apple is required by EU law to allow alternate app stores, payment methods, and web browser engines on the iPhone. Additionally, Apple must grant developers more access to hardware capabilities like the NFC chip to comply with the recently introduced Digital Markets Act. (It is still unknown if the US will want such adjustments.)


Separately, the EU Commission recently penalized Apple $2 billion for violating the App Store’s anti-steering policies, which affect the music streaming industry. Apple is currently contesting the ruling.

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