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Apple Is Working on Beats Solo 4 Headphones

According to code in the iOS 17.4 release candidate; Apple is working on an improved version of its popular Beats Solo on-ear headphones. We discovered numerous references to the Beats Solo 4 headphones, including photos.


Though they have minor design changes to align them with the Beats Studio Pro, the Beats Solo 4 headphones look similar to the Solo 3 models. As far as we know, the code supports spatial audio; however, there are no known further capabilities.


The files have three different colors: pink, blue, and black. Some improvements to the Beats Studio Pro last year, such as enhanced sound quality and support for Personalized Spatial Audio, will likely return.


The same movements with the Studio Pro will also work with the headphones: press the “b” button to answer/pause and play music, double press to flip between songs, and long press to bring up Siri. In order to align the headphones with the rest of its lineup, Apple will also replace the outdated micro-USB port with a new USB-C port.


Apple debuted the Solo 3 headphones in 2016, and while there have been several color upgrades, nothing else has changed since then. The Solo 4 will be the first significant upgrade to the on-ear headphones in many years.

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