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Apple Reaches Settlement With Caltech In $1 Billion Patent Lawsuit

The California Institute of Technology and Apple and Broadcom have come to an agreement to conclude a patent case that started back in 2016. The main contention in Caltech’s case was that Apple’s usage of Broadcom-made Wi-Fi chips violated its patents.


Caltech brought the case in 2016, claiming that every product made by Apple—including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iMac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, and even the now-discontinued AirPort routers—infringed upon its patents. Regarding Wi-Fi performance and balancing speed with variables like heat, power, and chip size, the relevant patents were discussed.


A jury found that Apple and Broadcom had violated the patents when the case went to trial in the beginning of 2020. Caltech was awarded a $1.1 billion settlement from Apple and Broadcom, with Apple obligated to pay $837.8 million and Broadcom $270.2 million.


The damages level was deemed legally unsustainable after Apple filed an appeal of the decision. A new trial to reassess the whole sum was approved for June 2023; however, a month prior to its scheduled start, it was declared indefinitely delayed.


Thus, we arrive at our current position. Caltech has reached a settlement to end this protracted patent litigation with Apple and Broadcom, as reported by Reuters. Although the specifics of the agreement are undisclosed, Caltech has consented to dismiss the lawsuit “with prejudice,” which means that it cannot be restarted.


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