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Apple Rolling Out Updated Firmware for AirTags

Apple started distributing a firmware upgrade for its item tracker, AirTag, today. Following its release in October last year, the firmware has a build number of 2A73 (2.0.73), replacing the 2A61 firmware.


Apple provides release notes for firmware updates to the AirTag. However, the document still needs to be updated for the latest release, so it is currently unknown what could be included in the update.


The firmware release for today will be released gradually, as is customary with AirTag updates. Today, one percent of users will receive the update; on March 26, that number will rise to ten percent. The upgrade will go live for 25% of users on April 2 and become available to everyone on April 9.


Since an ‌AirTag‌ update is performed over the air via a linked iPhone, it cannot be forced. You will need to wait for the firmware to spread to your smartphone, but you can ensure the update occurs by placing your ‌AirTag‌ within range of your ‌iPhone‌. With the help of our how-to, you may use the Find My app to find out the current firmware version of your AirTag.

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