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Apple Says Future iPads Could Feature Landscape Apple Logo

The French website Numerama interviewed three senior Apple employees on the new iPad Pro models, which debuted earlier this month. While the talk provided few new specifics, it did indicate one potential modification for future iPads.

While the Apple logo on the rear of iPads is designed to appear upright in vertical configuration, the devices are frequently used in landscape mode with a keyboard attached, resulting in the Apple logo showing on the side. Apple even shifted the front camera to the longer right-side edge of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models so that it is top-center when the devices are in landscape mode.

With landscape usage growing more prevalent, Apple product designer Molly Anderson stated that a landscape Apple logo is a possibility for future iPads.

“I believe it may change,” Anderson remarked, according to a computer translation of the French-language interview. “We’re thinking about it. The iPad has traditionally been a portrait-oriented product, but we are increasingly using it in landscape mode.

Beginning with iPadOS 14.5, Apple began displaying the Apple logo when an iPad boots up in landscape configuration. Apple appears to be open to adjusting on the hardware side as well, so expect to see it on future iPads.

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