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Apple Vision Pro Could Take Four Generations to Reach ‘Ideal Form’

Some members of Apple’s Vision Products Group feel that achieving the “perfect shape” of the Apple Vision Pro headset will require four subsequent versions. This is according to Mark Gurman, a well-connected Bloomberg writer.


According to Gurman’s weekly Power On newsletter, some members of Apple’s headset team believe there is still much work to be done before the gadget is considered sophisticated enough for users to use daily.


While it’s unclear what Apple’s development team considers the gadget’s “perfect form,” it’s simple to take lessons from some early adopters, whose complaints about the first-generation tablet included hardware and software flaws. 


Many Vision Pro users believe the headset is too heavy and awkward for extended use; therefore, generational downsizing is an essential benchmark for development. Other concerns have included poor battery life, insufficiently dedicated apps, and many problems with visionOS.


If Apple’s team can fix those challenges across four generations, as it has with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, Gurman believes the Vision Pro might someday replace the iPad.


According to Gurman, Apple’s efforts to market the iPad as a Mac replacement have yielded “mixed results.” Despite Apple’s efforts to make it a multitasking device with tools like Stage Manager, the iPad has struggled to become a true productivity powerhouse, similar to the Mac. It currently lives in limbo among Apple’s other offerings. 


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