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Apple Wallet Integrates Discover US Credit Card Balances and Transactions

Customers of Discover US credit cards will now be able to view their credit card balance and transaction history using the Apple Wallet app, similar to features that were introduced in September in the UK.


Users can take appropriate action by tapping on a transaction, which will deep-link into the Discover app or website. The latest developer beta 3 of iOS 17.1, which was just released, has this integration.


The Connected Cards functionality in the UK is supported by the Wallet app across numerous banks. An Open Banking API that is standardized in the UK makes this possible.


Since there isn’t an equivalent API in the US, Apple has teamed up with Discover especially to make this feature available for Discover credit cards. Regarding whether additional US banks will provide support in the future, the business remained silent.


To opt-in and start the connect card flow, tap and press the Discover credit card in the Wallet app if you are using the iOS 17.1 beta. This will require using Discover to securely authenticate.


Once configured, the Wallet app allows you to view the balance on your card. Any information retrieved through the Connected Cards feature stays on the device and is not shared with Apple in accordance with Apple’s standard privacy policies.


Discover US credit card customers can now access their card balance and transaction history through the Apple Wallet app, following a feature initially introduced in the UK. 


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