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Apple will allow Rival App Stores on iPhones in the EU

Apple will allow other app stores to be used on devices purchased in the EU beginning in March. Only iPhone users can download apps from the company’s App Store. Apple has consistently said that its policies ensure users’ security.


However, it has been accused of creating a monopoly by forcing customers and developers to utilize its channels and charging developers up to 30% fee. As a result, developers who either fail to meet Apple’s App Store requirements or refuse to pay its fees are barred from reaching the millions of users who use Apple devices.


Theoretically, this move might allow iPhone owners in Europe to recover the Fortnite software through a different app shop.


The decision comes as the EU’s Digital Markets Act takes effect. The new law aims to control the most prominent corporations that act as gatekeepers to services like search engines and app stores to make the market more equitable for established and smaller firms.


The US IT giant sells high-end gadgets that promise to provide an extra layer of security.

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