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4 Essential Applications for Remote Workers to Improve Productivity

Finland has long embraced flexible work setups. But companies are taking things up a notch in response to the global health crisis by offering even more remote working opportunities. Research by Statista on work-from-home arrangements reveals that 76% of Finnish workers are working remotely either entirely or almost entirely, with another 8% working from home more than ever.

That said, it’s understandable if some managers might still be apprehensive about it. Though remote work has become a necessity today, it can lead to productivity dips, as discussed by behavioral scientist Kristen Berman in a Fast Company article on why remote workers tend to be less productive. The problem, says Berman, is that adjusting to work-from-home arrangements necessitates forming new habits, such as starting work at home on time and communicating virtually, which can be difficult to do from the comforts of home. This is a legitimate concern, but one that can be addressed with the help of the applications below.

Communication apps

A Corp Comms article on the importance of communication in remote work details how this setup leaves employees vulnerable to feeling isolated and disconnected, making it imperative that you replicate team socialization virtually using communication apps. Google Meet is one of the best in this case, as it’s an all-in-one solution. A guide by HP on using Google Meet notes how it’s relatively easy to use, but is packed with a range of features that include video calling, video conferencing, camera and mic optimization, text chat, and screen sharing.

Google Meet also boasts high-level security, with every meeting encrypted using a hard-to-crack 10-character code. With these features, you’ll be able to keep everyone in the loop without worrying about sensitive information getting hacked.

Cloud storage apps

A cloud storage app is one of the safest, simplest, and most effective ways you can connect your employees with your team tools and applications, like your word processors and spreadsheets. It also facilitates easy file sharing amongst team members, who can access and work on various files simultaneously as long as they have an internet connection. One cloud storage app to consider is Dropbox, whose list of clients include global brands like Spotify, Under Armour, and National Geographic.

Its Standard Business plan, which costs $15 (€12.5) per user, includes 5 TB of storage, along with user activity tracking and dedicated support. With the help of the cloud, everyone will have access to everything they need for work — and no excuse not to get things done.

Project management apps

Your teams will be more efficient and productive when their tasks and responsibilities are managed seamlessly. This is possible with Trello, which Business2Community hails as a top-notch project management app. You can use it to organize and streamline workflows, assign tasks, set deadlines, monitor both individual and team progress, and even determine a budget for every project.

No wonder companies like PayPal and Adobe use Trello, as it helps ensure that everyone is on top of their tasks, and that things are being accomplished as scheduled.

Security apps

As you and your team spend lots of time online, you are all at a heightened risk for cybersecurity breaches, like malware infection and data theft. Threat intelligence firm RiskIQ even found that suspicious sites are now in the tens of thousands, making cybersecurity all the more vital since a single breach can undo years’ worth of work and even damage hardware. The apps above already provide levels of cybersecurity, but you must do more.

So, consider giving everyone on the team antivirus software, like Avast and its 99% malware detection rate. You might want to invest in a VPN, too, as it gives your team a secure way to browse online, use public Wi-Fi, and access remote servers. The more layers of protection you invest in, the more you’ll ensure hitch-free work for your team.

Incorporating these apps in your remote work setup is a major step that will ensure team-wide productivity. As your team grows and the tasks get more complex, you’ll need to leverage technology even more. This is why you need to stay on top of everything tech-related, which you can do by checking out articles such as ‘5 Best Gaming TVs for Your Gaming Needs’. We can be your ultimate source of technology tips and tricks, how to guides, reviews, and so much more.

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