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BBEdit 15 adds new Minimap and ChatGPT built into the app

This week, BBEdit, a popular text and code editor for macOS, received a significant update to version 15. Users will notice a new Minimap to get an overview of the document with BBEdit 15, but the main highlight of the update is the ChatGPT integration built into the app.


The release notes show BBEdit 15 includes a new Minimap that provides a “high-level overview of the active text document.” This allows users to see the overall structure of the file and makes navigating large documents more manageable. Users can also create “Cheat Sheets,” which are helpful reference tools for text markup and editing.


Interestingly, BBEdit 15 now includes ChatGPT integration, a game-changer for developers. ChatGPT can now be used directly from a BBEdit worksheet, eliminating the need to switch between apps or copy and paste from a web browser.


Other enhancements to BBEdit 15 include a new interface for the “Text Factory” feature, new settings, and numerous bug fixes.


The complete set of release notes can be found here. Individual licenses for BBEdit 15 cost $59.99, but there are discounts for customers who have previous app versions. More information is available on the Bare Bones website.

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