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5 Best Gaming TVs for Your Gaming Needs

Video gaming, today, is hitting a new level of improvements with high-end processors, 3D-graphic cards and other valuable technologies. Every year, an individual gamer spends thousands of dollars on these technologies because every new introduced game tries to offer much better graphics quality and induce gamers to update their gaming devices.

One very important component for perfect gaming is the TV a gamer uses for gaming. Imagine you have a device with the best possible graphics card, processor and RAM but the TV you have is quite outdated. This will force you to get only medium picture quality despite you own all other components to perfect level. Therefore, unless you have a good quality TV as well, you cannot get the most of your gaming device.

Now, TV market is not a limited one and it is not very easy to buy a good TV for gaming. Arch rivals like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG and many more introduce a vast range of TVs for gamers. What a gamer needs to buy will definitely depend on his requirements and budget as everyone tries to minimize cost and buy the best possible device with his allocated budget. Below, we mention the Top 5 gaming TVs that a gamer can pick in the year 2018 according to his budget as well as requirements:

List of Best Gaming TVs for Your Gaming Needs in 2019

LG B8: The perfect OLED experience

Considering the picture quality, input lag, viewing angles and dark-room experience: the best gaming TV on our list is the LG B8 which comes in two sizes: 55” and 65”. The picture quality it gives is premium; the input lag being low is extraordinary giving a very responsive experience during gameplays. Dark room experience is also at the optimal level.

This TV however does not come flawless. When static content is displayed, the OLEDs can have image retention temporarily or even a permanent burn-in. Gamers also witness bad stutter in some low frame rate scenes. The price is also quite high at $1,500+ but that is not a problem when it is compared to the value that the TV gives. Except for the few mentioned above there is probably no other reason a gamer would chose to buy a gaming TV other the LG B8.


  • Fantastic design
  • Beautiful OLED screen
  • Black performance is flawless


  • Very expensive
  • Possible burn-in

Samsung QN55Q6F

Considering lower cut in the bank balance, another good choice is the Samsung QN55Q6F which costs less than $1,000. It gives an excellent response rate of 21ms which is very good for gaming.The colors that it provides are way brighter than the standard LEDs.

With a lower price, there come some flaws in the Samsung QN55Q6F. The sound quality is not as good as other expensive TVs. Similarly, dark room experience is not like that provided by the very expensive LG B8.


  • Classy design
  • Lower price
  • Good quality vibrant picture
  • Excellent response rate


  • Sound quality is not very good
  • Dark room experience

LG 49-SK8000 – 49″ 4K TV

This TV is another good choice when price is a concern. Costing about $600 this TV offers brilliant motion handling with a very low input lag of 14.2ms. These features make it a great choice for gamers, especially those who like to play fast-paced games.

With the advantages in LG 49-SK800 some disadvantages also comes. Black levels compared to the premium TVs are not that good. They do not seem pure black and rather seem greyish. The TV may be a little annoying when playing in a dark room as the edge-lit dimming experience it provides is not that great.


  • Price value is delivered
  • Response time is perfect
  • Motion handling is also very impressive


  • Dark room experience is not very good

TCL 55R617 – 55″ 4K TV

The TCL 55R617 is almost the best choice as far as both price and features are concerned. The price is just fine at $ 650 for the brilliant features that it provides. Input lag, dimming, display size, Dolby vision and HDR10, 4K resolution; all you want are offered by this ridiculously low price TV. The black levels are still not at the best but at such a price all the other features outweigh a number of pretty expensive TV sets.


  • Best value for price
  • Response time is excellent
  • Awesome picture quality


  • Dark room experience, as black levels are not premium good.

Vizio P Series 2018: Best mid-range gaming TV

Featuring various sizes, this TV is another very nice choice when one wishes to have a good gaming experience with a lower burden on the bank account. Though, pricing at about $950+, it costs much more than the TCL 55R617 but gives a good value for the price as well. Great motion handling, fast response rate, nice picture quality and excellent refresh rate make it a compelling choice even for many serious PC gamers.

Despite numerous goods of the P series, there are still factors that force gamers to think before they buy Vizio P Series 2018. Its viewing angles are not very good due to which only those watching from direct front can best enjoy the gaming experience. Reflection handling is also not the best but it still has got picture bright enough to handle bright light issues in almost any type of room. It also lacks the most advance features that one can enjoy with the Quantum series.


  • Very good value for price
  • Response time is good
  • Very good picture quality


  • Viewing angles are not very good
  • No built-in mic


The choice of gaming will purely depend on whether a TV delivers value for the price paid. LG B8 is the best but the very high price may not be acceptable for most of the gamers while LG-SK8000 is the least expensive on the list but it may not be acceptable by some gamers for its size and other shortcomings. The only basis for choosing one of the above 5 will be what it gives for the price a gamer has to pay for it.

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