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Best Kodi Anime Addons 2020

Are you using Kodi and unable to access Anime or find the best addon for watching anime? Or you are unable to live without watching Anime? Are you unable to find HD anime content for free on places other than YouTube? Well if you have Kodi then there is no need to go elsewhere for finding the best Anime content. There are tons of libraries (anime addons) where you can find amazing content that will fulfill all your anime needs in one place. Here in this article, we are going to introduce you to the industry leaders and best Anime Kodi addons in 2020. 

Why is there a Huge Demand for Anime among Kodi users?

Anime is the main attraction for the people who are looking for real entertainment videos. There are many people attracted to movies, TV shows, Sports and other sources of entertainment. but at the same time, they can’t keep themselves away from watching Anime. It has a core place in the hearts of millions of people across the world.

The origin of Anime is Japan and that’s why it also is known as Japanimation. It includes animated media, colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and an attractive environment in the videos. Kodi happens to be a resourceful medium for finding a variety of anime content. 

How to Watch Anime on Kodi?

Due to the craze for Anime, on Kodi, you can find plenty of such content on different Kodi Anime Addons. On Kodi, you can watch Anime with the help of the third party as well as official add-ons. These Anime Kodi addons contain Anime in the form of dubbed and subbed HD videos. 

Due to the high demand of Anime movies, there are tons of anime addons available from where you can access your desired video. But all these addons are not up to mark. You need to filter out to find the best one. 

As you are reading this blog, so you are not supposed to filter out tons of resources to get the best one. All you need to look at is the list of Kodi anime add-ons that are listed here in this blog. We have added only up to date add-ons in this blog. This small list of working Anime addons will resolve your issues. 

What are the top addons for Anime Available on Kodi in 2020

Anime is the type of content on Kodi which is followed by all the people across the world. Anime content is improving concerning its quality and it evolving very rapidly. As a Kodi user, if you are here, reading this, then it means that you are looking for anime addons that can help you in playing Anime on Kodi. Here in this article, we will talk about the following Anime add-ons available on Kodi these days. 

  1. AnimeGo
  2. AnimeHere
  3. Funimation
  4. Ares Anime
  5. WatchNixtoons
  6. SoggySandwich
  7. 9Anime
  8. Brettus Anime
  9. Exodus Redux
  10. Anime On Demand

List of Best Kodi Anime Addons for 2020

Below in this guide, we are going to write about a few of the best and working anime addons. Install any from the list and have a great fun time by watching all the Anime at one place on your Kodi device. From the below section, you will find a list of the top 10 most appealing Kodi addons for anime in 2020. 

Best Kodi Addons To Watch Anime Online 


AnimeGo is one of the most amazing and liked addons for watching anime online. It is a multi scraper addon with multiple links for pairing, Real Debrid, Trakt, and EIM portal.

AnimeGo contains Anime at the top and other categories include Latest News, Kids Movies, Disney Pixar, Kids Network, SuperHero Cartoons, Anime Zone, Anime Movies, Retro Cartoons, Animated Shows, Just Lego, Kids Boxsets, Kids learning TV, Extras, Kids 3D Movies, Kids 4K movies, Disney Nature, DreamWorks, Kiddo Easy to Pair and many more. Anime Go is recommended to look at the parental guide before allowing your kids to use it.


It is one of the most trusted addons for watching animes online on Kodi. The add-on gives you free access to a wide range of anime content. It is scraper addon, which means it scraps content from the web, and this way you will always be able to access updated content in the form of well-organized categories. Looking at its content diversity, it is one of the top-rated addons for Kodi in 2020. 


Funimation addon for Kodi anime is a proven name. It contains hundreds of anime videos from where you can choose your desired title. The video quality is also acceptable. All the content available on the Funimation addon is 100% legal and there is nothing to worry about the content piracy. 

The drawback of this addon is that for some content you will need a paid subscription to view it. But looking at the anime titles of this addon, the subscription is worthy and an anime fan should go for it. 

Ares Anime

Ares Anime is not a hidden name in the best Anime Kodi addons in 2020. Its user interface and the content diversity makes it the first choice of every single Kodi user. This add-on can be found in the Kodi repository. If you are looking for a good quality Kodi addon then Ares Anime is a better selection. 


WatchNixtoons presents you with a wide range of content under one single place. You can find it the most useful and easy to navigate Kodi anime addon in 2020 with a wide range of content options. It contains both new and old anime titles for the Kodi users. 


SoggySandwich offers an extensive collection of Anime content for all the anime fans. It contains categories where all the content is fully distributed and it becomes easier to find and navigate in the addon. The SoggySandwich addon also allows you to watch a drama series of the Japanese language. So it is a plus point for Japanese TV fans. 


9Anime gives you a collection of the best anime titles. It contains both new and old anime series. The 9Anime Kodi anime addon can be configured on any device with the help of Lazy Kodi File Source. 

Brettus Anime

Brettus Anime is another addition to our anime addon collection. If you are a fan of everything related to anime then this catchy and sweet addon is here to cover all this for you. Brettus Anime contains categories for Movies, Anime full seasons, Avatar, Yu-Gi-Oh, and much more. 

Anime On Demand

The Anime on Demand Kodi anime addon for 2020 is a multi-web scraper addon that pulls content from the web and presents it to you on one single place on Kodi. The Anime on Demand addon is everything, German. The content is from Japan. 

Final Words

Anime is a new trend in entertainment. And now as you know all about the working anime addons for Kodi, it will be easy for you to find your favorite content. These fresh addons will make you able to enjoy the non-stop entertainment right on your screen. 

There are also plenty of other add-ons available for watching Anime over Kodi, but we have listed the ones that are working finely. If you are not able to find the one you were looking for, then do one thing. Just stick to this post as this is a developing blog which will be updated at regular intervals. Be in touch for your favorite addon or drop feedback. 

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