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Best Kodi Builds for 2019

Before starting about the best builds for Kodi in 2019, let’s learn about the core functionality of Kodi builds. Actually, builds gives you multiple resources like add-ons, skins, settings etc. at one place. You can say that these are the ready-made folders for multiple things. You can access the bundle of add-ons by installing a single build. 

Installing a build from this working list means that you are installing a complete package. Install a build on any Kodi installed a device such as iOS, Windows PC, Apple Mac, Android TV Box, Amazon Fire TV & FireStick etc. and avoid installing multiple add-ons manually. 

Below we have shortlisted a few of the best Kodi Builds from the ocean. These are the builds, properly tested by Kodi users with respect to different functionalities. To keep you running fast, we have added the resource links of each these builds from where you can access all the files for any particular build. You can find the resources for each build under the description/introduction of each one. Best repositories are also listed where necessary. 

List of Best Kodi Builds for 2019 

Let’s start listing the best working builds available for Kodi in the current time. These are the builds that you can install and use on any device in 2019. You will also find useful resources for each build along with descriptions. 

No Limits Magic 

Due to a bundle of entertainment options, No Limits Magic Build is the most favorite build for most of the Kodi users. It is the most famous and content-rich build available for multiple devices. This build is based on the Aeon Nox skin.

This is a famous build for movies, TV shows, and sports add-ons. Some of the famous add-ons that can be found in No limits include Nemesis, Neptune Rising, Sports World, Maverick TV, Copy & Paste, Pulse Fitness, The Magic Dragon and many more. With the help of all these add-ons, you can enjoy your free time in the best

way. Follow for installation of No Limits Magic Build. 

Diamond Dust 

Diamond Dust is a fan-friendly build with options for sports, movies, TV shows, music and fitness add-ons. Apart from all the other sections, this build offers you a wide range of some great Live TV add-ons. There are some amazing add-ons available in this build. Few of these are The Magic Dragon, Sports Devil, DeathStar, Monster Munch etc. As its core feature includes live TV options. It offers you some great live TV add-ons such as Oblivion Streams – for US TV channels. 

This is a heavy build with a size of 365 MB. Due to is heavy size, it will not work on low memory devices. But due to lots of offers from this build, we can ignore its heavy size. Furthermore, unlike its high size, the navigation is quite fast and easy. 

Use this URL to access the builds location. 


SkyDark builds for Kodi gives you multiple addons Sports, TV shows, Movies, Kids Content, Music etc. The size of this build is 450 MB. Don’t be panic by reading about its size. Despite its heavy size, SkyDark Kodi builds works fast and in a smooth manner. It is a not a Live TV friendly build, so if you want Live TV add-ons, then change your selection right now. 

The build interface is quite impressive and offers a better user experience. The main menu contains multiple options. All the famous add-ons are accessible right from the main menu of the build. Some of the addons include Wraith, Monster Munch, Deceit, Man Cave Entertainment, Night Terrors, The Magic Dragon etc. 

You can access SkyDark build from this URL:

Two Kingdoms Build

Unlike other builds, Two Kingdoms not only offers you addons, but it is itself the combination of multiple builds. It has a great collection of working builds. Its builds included Fladnag Super Lite, T2K Simple Build, Fortnite etc. 

This build will work on all kind of Kodi devices. Due to the smaller size builds it will work smoothly on Firesticks. One of its build known as Fladnag Super Lite is only 72 MB. This build contains plenty of add-ons for movies, TV shows, and sports. There is also some high end builds such as Last Kingdom Dynamic. 

This build can be found on

BK Links  

BK Links is a modern build that is currently in working state along with a bundle of fresh and updated addons. This was once a must-have build for the 17 Krypton. This build is packed with Rising Tides, Monster Munch, Nymeria, Supremacy, Yoda, Maverick TV, At the Flix, Deceit, Loki, The Magic Dragon, Wrestle Mania, etc. The popularity of this addon is due to its working addons collection. 

If you have a Firestick device, then this build is not recommended for you. Its size is more than 315 MB which is not recommended size for lower-end devices. Due to the larger size, this build is quite clean, beautiful and well-managed.

Despite its larger size, are you still interested to install it on your Android box, PC? Follow 

Final Words: 

If you handle and manage Kodi well, then you will be able to get the maximum output from it. You can control everything on Kodi platform just by using some sensible movements. One of these steps will be the use of right builds. Builds contain multiple options like add-ons, skins etc. To keep your device clean and neat, avoid single addons installation. 

Try to add a build as it contains multiple resources. A single build takes a few minutes, while the same amount of addons will require more resources and more time. In the end, we would like to give you a friendly suggestion. One should always use trusted, legal, authorized and well-managed resources when it comes to Kodi.

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