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Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

In the past, many people thought online shopping was a scam in Pakistan because it wasn’t popular and wasn’t thought to work. Some people think it’s true because they tried it when stuck in their homes and couldn’t move. This is because of COVID-19. In those days, everyone was stuck at home. People start to buy things online. There was a lot of growth in Pakistan’s online market during Corona.

Because of this, most people think that the first websites that let you shop online are safe eCommerce platforms. Pakistanis can now buy many clothes and goods online and through phone apps since more people are online and more e-commerce businesses have started. This area sells many clothes, from Western to traditional to new. It’s good for a lot of different kinds of people. Shopping for clothes online in Pakistan is quick and easy because the stores will bring the clothes to your house and make it easy to return.

Best Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan

Reading this guide about some of the best names would be best before buying something else online.

1.   Daraz

Daraz is a leading international online shopping website and is best known in Pakistan. It offers everything from clothing and electronics to medical tools and affordable clothing stores catering to both genders. stands out among Pakistan’s online shopping websites as one of its premier e-commerce destinations, selling both local products as well as those from international brands like Chinese Daraz products that will arrive to you within one month from China.

One of the largest e-commerce companies worldwide, Alibaba acquired Daraz, which already has a strong presence across Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal. Daraz offers 11.11 sales each year, generating millions in sales revenue. Their return process is also straightforward if something needs to meet your satisfaction.

2. has long been one of the premier e-commerce platforms in India and provides access to various items ranging from electronics and home appliances to health and beauty supplies and much more.

ShopHive is an established retailer offering genuine brand-name items from authentic, established manufacturers directly to customers in Pakistan – such as laptops, watches and phones from well-known brands.

Laptops, desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, phones, projectors, cameras, scanners, monitors, and printers are among the many electronic devices they produce and sell. Shophive’s success stems from building long-term relationships with its customers; instead of selling one product and then taking it back when replaced, customers have access to long-term relationships that provide continuity.

3.   Ali Express

Ali Express, owned by Alibaba, allows individuals to purchase individual items. Alibaba sells goods in bulk quantities, while Ali Express allows individuals to shop for single items. Over 100 million products can be found here, making Ali Express one of Pakistan’s premier shopping websites where virtually any product imaginable can be found!

Ali Express is an international marketplace where you can purchase electronics, luggage, appliances, clothes, cars, shoes, and health care items at great prices. Here, you’ll find sellers ranging from local businesses in your neighborhood to global corporations producing goods; people frequently turn to Ali Express and similar websites when making online purchases.


SHOPON.PK is one of Pakistan’s top 10 online shopping sites, rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing shops offering premium goods and services nationwide. Shopon can send things right to your door!

Oppo and QCY cell phone accessories and others from Oppo, QCY, and other manufacturers can be found here. In Pakistan, it stands out from other buying sites by selling gift cards and vouchers for Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox and PlayStation, health & personal care, fashion computers, fashion and gaming consoles & PlayStations.

5.   WBMInternational

WBMInternational, another online shopping website offering daily deals that allow you to save money, is another one of these stores offering daily specials to save money when buying online. Everything related can be found there from health, foods, cosmetics, and more!

WBMInternational offers daily “7 PM Deals,” offering savings of up to 50% with additional savings of 10% when paying with payment apps. WBM also sells its brand of goods at competitive prices.

6. is one of the most trusted online shopping platforms in Pakistan, offering all sorts of unique items you won’t find elsewhere – for instance, the Apple iPhone 14 could be purchased there with assurances that its electronics will be fixed within one year!’s deals are unmatched in quality and value, making the “Price Beating” tool stand out from its competition. This feature lets you quickly contact businesses and inform them that another store offers similar items at lower costs than what Homeshopping has available.

7.   CyberMart

CyberMart is an emerging e-commerce platform offering shoppers in Pakistan an easy shopping experience in the online marketplace. They aim to connect wholesalers and retailers by enabling them to register sales transactions, track purchases and account for profits.

CyberMart is one of the top online shopping websites in Pakistan. Offering items ranging from electronics gadgets, mobile accessories, and clothing – something here for everyone at reasonable prices – also stands out as being among the cheapest clothing stores for kids, men, and women, including affordable kids’ clothing! 

It offers regular discounts on its products, making it a top choice among customers in Pakistan. Furthermore, CyberMart boasts an expansive selection of goods with outstanding customer service and delivery and international brands such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and Prada – making this retailer outstanding in customer experience and delivery services.

8.   Symbios

Sysmbios is one of the pioneers of online electronics shopping in Pakistan, providing quality products since 2009. Their expert advice will assist in selecting an ideal mobile phone, electronic gadgets such as laptops and computers, televisions and smartwatches, and fitness equipment suitable to their customer’s budgets and needs.

Due to their trusted status over decades, electronics manufacturers have expanded to cover home appliances, kitchens, and outdoor activities. When searching for valuable gadgets, focus on areas dedicated to home entertainment or cameras.

As well as our beauty and health sections, eQuran is impressive. Download it to assist your children with reading or studying its beautiful verses, or give it as a gift for blessing someone close.

9.   ishopping

iShopping, one of Pakistan’s leading online shopping platforms, combines numerous stores into one convenient site. Each category contains several stores with distinct subcategories that allow you to select the one most suited to you. specializes in clothing brands, mobile phones, and tablets, exceptional beauty items, home frill, kitchen appliances, daily use items, DVDs, PCs TVs, baby care products, home styling themes, furniture, gaming consoles, books, games accessories design accessories footwear and much more. They strive to offer top-quality products at reasonable prices for an outstanding shopping experience!

 Should this trend continue, IShopping will no longer remain among Pakistan’s premier shopping sites. was listed among Pakistan’s premier internet shopping websites by 2023, thanks to offering high-quality items with friendly product exchange.

10.                     Telemart

Telemart has been pioneering shopping experiences for over three decades. Following successful telemarketing and traditional advertising campaigns, they’ve put their online platform through rigorous testing. They used smartphones and electronic devices before expanding into clothing for men and women, health care needs for children, and family planning services.

Telemart offers an intuitive user experience and convenient delivery options, making it the go-to site for many Pakistani customers. If you’re searching for great prices or prefer shopping from home, Telemart is an ideal place to start searching.


Online shopping in Pakistan has seen a significant increase in popularity. And there are numerous reliable and trustworthy websites to choose from. If you’re looking for fashionable products, electronic cosmetics, and more, the online shopping website have you covered. So, take a look and explore the top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan to enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable shopping experience.


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