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10 Best Software Houses in Islamabad

Software companies play an important role in the technology industry, providing services ranging from digital development to software production.

Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, has quickly emerged as a vital center of technology businesses. Home to several renowned Software Houses in Islamabad and experiencing an increase in tech start-ups since 2014, Islamabad now attracts international and local customers for tech products and services.

Pakistan stands out among nations worldwide in its technology, science, engineering, and mathematics achievements. This has drawn international and national leaders alike to open software companies in Islamabad that utilize their vision and natural talents from Pakistan.

These are some of the software houses considered the best in Islamabad’s IT & communications sector.

List of software Houses in Islamabad 

Software House

Year Founded

Services Offered

Notable Clients

United Sol

2005 eCommerce, SaaS, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce Hyundai, Wallan, Gulf Central, PitStopArabia


2000 Hardware, Software Solutions, Avionics Avionics manufacturers and retail customers

Systems Ltd

1977 IT Solutions, Business Applications, Cloud-based Various IT services, 4,000+ employees worldwide

Binex – Discretelogix

N/A Mobile App Development, UX Expertise Recently acquired by Discretelogix Pvt. Ltd.


2002 SEO, social media, CRM Sales, SaaS Solutions Mobilink, Telenor, Siemens AG, Intec DU telecom

Ovex Technologies

2009 BPO Services, Call Center, IT Solutions Various well-known brands in Pakistan

Elixir Technologies

1985 Telecom Solutions, Software Services Businesses in finance, healthcare, and insurance

TEO – Talented Earth

2007 Software Solutions for Businesses Deployment at over 50 businesses


2011 Web Applications, Cloud Hosting, UX Design Services for small companies and startups


N/A Mobile and Software Development, IoT, UX/UI Specializes in IoT technology, UX/UI, and internet tech.


1.       United Sol

United Sol was established in 2005 by three enthusiastic programming professionals who continue to be an integral part of its operations, striving hard to make United Sol one of Islamabad’s premier software businesses. It has amassed many clients worldwide by delivering various eCommerce-related developments to SaaS platforms. Their dedication to Magento development led to over 250 extensions being created – but that wasn’t all! United Sol is proud that their mission hasn’t stopped there! PrestaShop and WooCommerce, two renowned eCommerce technologies, feature hundreds of plug-ins each and 70+, respectively, in their portfolio, with Hyundai, Wallan, Gulf Central, and PitStopArabia being some of the more notable names to have relied on their services.

2.       AKSA SDS

AKSA SDS is one of Islamabad’s leading software houses, offering cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Established in 2000, when resources and opportunities were scarce in Pakistan’s capital city, it quickly earned international and local renown for creating innovative solutions tailored to specific technologies or platforms, such as Avionics. Their list of satisfied clients includes Avionics manufacturers as well as retail customers.

3.       Systems Ltd

Systems Ltd was the pioneer software house from Pakistan when it began operations in 1977, offering comprehensive IT solutions and software services. Expertise includes digital marketplace, business applications analysis and management of data integration and development of cloud-based services, IT infrastructure support services, and outsourcing business processes. Since 1997, Asif Peer Systems Ltd has demonstrated its excellence for over two years in Pakistan and opened up operations in the USA. Soon after he took on as CEO, they went public. They were listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, eventually becoming one of its top IT exporters with offices on three continents and over 4,000 employees working under them! They even have an office located in Islamabad!

4.       Binex – Discretelogix

Binex-Discretelogix, as a leading software company, extends its expertise in mobile and game solutions development. They regularly create new mobile applications and interactive games to meet customer demand. Due to their expertise in mobile app development across multiple platforms, cloud, and web solutions, as well as exceptional service and maintenance, the company has amassed an extensive clientele base from around the globe. Binex sets the bar high for mobile app development as the company boasts some of the world’s top UX experts. Binex’s primary focus in creating products for its clients is User Experience – setting them apart from other software houses in Delhi. Their dedication and commitment to extraordinary user experiences produce excellent results; indeed, Binex was recently acquired by Discretelogix Pvt. Ltd.

5.       Averox

Averox provides customized applications and solutions that serve over 50 million users globally, such as SEO, Social Media Management, CRM Sales, and Services. Since its founding in 2002, Averox has become one of the premier software houses within Islamabad; since then, it has expanded globally, with offices spanning the UK, USA, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Averox boasts one of the first SaaS solutions specifically for telecom operators; their portfolio boasts Mobilink, Telenor, Siemens AG Intec DU telecom, and Intec Nortel Networks as some notable clients.

6.       Ovex Technologies

Ovex Technologies has earned a stellar reputation as an established BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) service provider. It provides call centre projects for well-known brands across Pakistan and offers unique IT solutions for an account and HR administration. Ovex Technology was founded in Karachi and Lahore and quickly expanded throughout Pakistan, becoming one of its premier BPO service providers. Ovex began operations in 2009 and today is the top off-shore BPO solution provider. Over 670 highly skilled employees ensure clients receive only the best services, providing 24/7 support to customers and operational teams. Their trained staff works together with them to achieve precision while simultaneously creating cost-effective business growth.

7.       Elixir Technologies

Elixir Technologies was one of the few software houses in Islamabad when the technology industry took off in 1985. At first, the company focused on software and services and created an exceptional product geared explicitly to meeting telecom market requirements. Elixir has provided solutions to businesses worldwide for over three decades, helping improve communication, streamline processes, and lower operating costs for various sectors such as finance, healthcare, and insurance. They specialize in creating customer value while simplifying life by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology. With offices spread throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East, Elixir offers global corporate clients customized support.

8.       TEO – Talented Earth Organization

TEO stands for Talented Earth Organization and was developed as part of their Initiative. It, established by Zanish Abdullah in 2007, is an Islamabad-based software company with Danish roots. Since 2007, TEO has provided top-quality software solutions for private and public companies alike, with mobile apps being deployed at over 50 businesses; today, with 100 professional employees on their payroll, TEO now co-owns four businesses!

9.       Emumba

Emumba was established by Silicon Valley veterans in 2011 and has experienced tremendous growth, now employing 150 engineers and designers. Stands out among Islamabad and Rawalpindi software houses by offering services with precision and perfection as a product-based house. Their expertise includes network/web applications, cloud hosting, DevOps services, user experience design UX design and acceleration software acceleration services. Emumba takes great pride in taking note of their talented employees as valuable assets and welcomes them with passion and enthusiasm into the team at Emumba – a creative software company with ambitious plans. Emumba has assisted numerous small companies and startups to establish themselves in the digital marketplace through their responsible and punctual team of employees who complete tasks efficiently. Their services include web development, Clouds/DevOps/Network Apps development/QA testing, and Design UX Quality assurance testing at competitive pricing. At the same time, their chargers provide top-quality services at reasonable costs.

10. DPL

DPL, an acclaimed mobile and software development company in Islamabad, prides itself on maintaining an energetic and engaging work culture. Their healthy working environment encourages employees to become self-reliant rather than subservient employees of a corporation; as a result, DPL boasts the top 5% of talent, along with innovative work ethics, which have earned them recognition across IT and software disciplines. While other software houses in Islamabad may specialize in mobile app development alone, DPL boasts an expansive portfolio including IoT technology, digital UX/UI, and internet technology expertise – unlike their counterparts located within Islamabad itself!


Islamabad-based software companies that offered the top ten list for 2023 various services and have extensive experience producing high-quality projects. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction set them apart in the highly competitive world of software development. Note that although this list includes some of Islamabad’s more renowned software houses, other excellent houses also exist. When choosing a software house, you must carefully examine its capabilities, services, and portfolio to select one that meets your requirements. Know that finding the most suitable software house is integral to the success of your project. Explore their websites, review their offerings, and speak to their staff to identify an Islamabad-based software developer that best matches your requirements in terms of software development services.


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