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10 Best Software Houses in Peshawar Pakistan 2023

Peshawar, Pakistan’s sixth most populous city, with an estimated 2017 census population of 1.97 million residents, lies in the valley of Peshawar in northwest Pakistan and serves as its provincial capital in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.  

Today, nearly 90% of the top software houses in Peshawar are involved in Software Development, Web Development, Android Development, Game Development, and so on. 

In this post, I’ll look at the top 10 software companies in Peshawar that are renowned for their excellent work and ranked as the leading software companies in Peshawar. These software companies are doing a great job of creating world-class, innovative software, applications, and websites to sell.

Software Houses in Peshawar, Pakistan, 2023

Company Name

Services Offered

Client Sectors

Notable Achievements

Khyber Coded IT Consulting, Software Development, Design Government, Mobile Apps, Financial Known for innovation and excellence in technology solutions.
Xtreme Software Services Pvt Ltd Digital and Technical Products, Business Software Various Trusted provider of business software solutions.
Mindgigs Mobile App Development, Software Product Development, Digital Marketing Online Services, IT Training Known for quality services and cost-effective solutions.
Ilyasoft Desktop, Mobile, Web Development, Free Training Education, Online Learning Commitment to education and skill development in technology.
Softhat IT Solutions Digital Consulting, Web Design, SEO, App Development E-commerce, Education, Technology Empowers young talent and provides comprehensive digital services.
Al Hayyat Group of Companies Real Estate Development, Marketing Real Estate, Infrastructure Focused on enhancing local real estate standards.
Cyber Sync Web Development, Custom Apps, ERPs, Game Development Information Technology, Gaming Globally recognized for delivering innovative tech solutions.
Tufi Digital Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, ORM Business, Online Marketing Rapid growth in providing effective digital marketing services.
Galaxmo IT Solutions Graphic Design, Web Development, Software Empowerment Technology, Design, Education Empowers clients with technology knowledge and impactful design.
TechVista Systems Software, Web Development, Mobile App Development Government, Healthcare, Education Industry leader strongly committed to research and development.

  • Khyber coded

Khyber Coded is one of the top software houses in Peshawar that provides its customers with various services across various industries. The company specializes in IT consulting, developing and designing software professional services, maintenance, and hardware deployment. Khyber coded serves clients across different sectors, including government agencies at both the central and local levels, mobile apps and financial services (such as banking, insurance, and clearing houses), utilities and energy, healthcare, education, etc. Learn more about Top Multinational Companies in Pakistan. The company’s goal is to provide clients with cutting-edge and custom solutions in technology that will help them reach their business goals. Through a group of skilled professionals and a dedication to excellence, Khyber Coded is a reliable solution provider for technology on the market.

  • Xtreme Software Services Pvt Ltd

Xtreme Software Services & Digital Marketing, established in Peshawar, Pakistan, with an office in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is an organization for software development headquartered in Pakistan with an international branch office in Abu Dhabi, UAE. As one of Peshawar’s premier software development houses, they specialize in offering digital and technical products and services tailored specifically for client demands, providing top-quality business software solutions across Pakistani enterprises. Their team of skilled developers leverages cutting-edge technologies to design applications that meet customers’ specific requirements – check Designing Companies in Pakistan. The company aims to provide top-quality software solutions that aid its clients in improving their productivity, streamline operations, and reach their business goals. 

  • Mindgigs

Mindgigs, founded in 2010, is widely recognized as one of Peshawar’s most reputable software houses. In the last 13 years, it has grown into the top regional online service provider and a training facility for IT. Through its experience in ERP solutions, Mindgigs is a go-to choice for companies looking for solutions for software in Peshawar. The company offers various services, such as mobile app development, software product development, and digital marketing. The company comprises talented developers, creative graphic designers, enthralling SEO specialists, and clever mobile and desktop application architects who collaborate to offer practical and innovative solutions for customers. Mindgigs focuses on providing quality services at a reasonable cost, which makes it a favorite choice for companies within Peshawar and all over. 

  • Ilyasoft

Ilyasoft Software Company is a well-known company in Peshawar that provides development services in various areas, including Desktop, Mobile, and Web Development. The company recently created a free academy that offers top-quality training in the development field. The academy offers classes for free on their YouTube channel, which focuses on live-streamed projects. The training focuses on the development of online-based projects. This is particularly beneficial to students who wish to complete their final projects. This initiative from Ilyasoft offers an excellent possibility for anyone to improve their abilities and knowledge in the development field.

  • Softhat IT Solutions

So that IT Solutions is one of Peshawar’s most highly regarded Software Houses in Peshawar. It is regarded as the top software house in the region and provides its clients with various IT-related services. So IT Solutions specializes in digital consulting services that help businesses establish a solid online presence and offer top-quality digital marketing solutions that enable companies to keep ahead of their competition. The company also provides various other services, such as web design development for e-commerce stores and SEO (search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) and optimization of apps (ASO) graphic design as well as Android app development games development and on-demand education for undergraduates and graduates. Softhat IT Solutions’ staff, Softhat IT Solutions consists of highly skilled experts dedicated to providing top-quality services to their customers.  IT Solutions is committed to helping young people succeed by empowering them with expertise in high demand on the market. 

  • Al Hayyat Group of Companies

Al Hayyat Group of Companies is a multifaceted group of Real construction, development marketing, sales, and portfolio management for investment houses with a clear objective of closing the gap between the contemporary and innovative perspective on real estate and the local market. Over the last twenty years, KP has been lacking in the province’s infrastructure sector. They want to fill the gap by launching new and high-end extravagant design and development projects across the province’s capital. With many steps in various areas, the most important is the growth of the real estate industry to bring high-tech international and aesthetic standards of living to the residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. With a clear focus on bridging the gap between a modern and innovative view of real estate and local markets and the local market, the ALHAYYAT Group of Companies is a client-focused construction and marketing house for realtors. 

  • Cyber Sync

Cyber Sync Technologies serves as an interface between technology and business. It offers onsite as well as offsite and offshore services to customers. Create innovative, unique solutions and products that provide information and communication solutions. In addition to other services, web development and design, custom-made apps, ERPS, CRMS, E-Commerce Solutions, Business-To-Business Applications, Business-to-Client Applications, Augmented Reality Mobile Apps, and Game Development are the few services provided. Satisfied customers worldwide testify to the high quality of our services.

  • Tufi Digital

Tufi Digital is a Pakistan-based digital marketing company specializing in implementing high-impact, innovative, genuine, and creative solutions that help companies grow using the power of technology. Provide SEO, SEM, SMM, and Online Reputation Management (ORM) services. Established in 2021, it has rapidly grown into one of the region’s fastest-growing businesses. Their team comprises experts who know how to put your business on top! They offer these services at an affordable cost to business owners all over the globe. Provide customers exceptional customer service and personal attention to help them succeed online.

  • Galaxmo IT Solutions

One of the things that makes Galaxmo distinct is its beginnings. It was started by a dynamic group of seasoned graphic and web designers and engaged computer engineers. The company was officially launched in 2016 and went off with a huge blast. The combination of innovative design and technical expertise can be seen in the high-end of their plans. What makes Galaxmo different is their steadfast dedication to providing their clients with education. They believe in providing their clients with information about the many benefits of utilizing computer software. It’s not just about offering an item or service but creating empowered and informed clients. In the past, Galaxmo has made a significant impact across a variety of industries. The company’s software has played an integral role in helping businesses reach new levels. 

  • TechVista Systems

TechVista Systems of Peshawar, Pakistan, is an established Software Houses in Peshawar renowned for providing innovative solutions and IT services. Our company has an impressive history of completing projects for various clients, such as government agencies, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and businesses across multiple sectors. TechVista Systems specializes in software, web, and mobile app development services. Their highly experienced team of developers, designers, project managers, and designers work collaboratively to design cutting-edge solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients. TechVista Systems stands out as an industry leader thanks to its dedication to research and development. Their researchers constantly investigate emerging technologies in IT to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions and ensure customer satisfaction, earning them an esteemed place as one of Peshawar’s go-to technology partners.


In conclusion, the Software Houses in Peshawar have been identified as a potential center for technology-based solutions. With a pool of skilled professionals and a flourishing IT ecosystem, These IT businesses in Peshawar have contributed significantly to the field of software. They have benefited the economy of Peshawar by providing jobs and creating an image of global acceptance for the region. Since the need for services based on technology is growing, software companies in Peshawar are poised to play a crucial role in the technological transformation in Pakistan.

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