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What is The best VPN to Access Unlimited Kodi Addons

Ivacy is our recommendation when it comes to the Android based Kodi devices including Roku and Chromecast. All of the major streaming platforms are fully supported by Ivacy and it is fully optimized for them. However, for users without Google Play, it allows downloading APK file from its official website so they can directly install it on their devices.

Here are some of the reasons why Ivacy can be considered the best VPN to access unlimited content over Kodi:

Ivacy Offers a Number of Servers

Ivacy has a high number of servers. It has 1000 servers that you can choose from, ensuring the fastest VPN service and reliability across all locations around the world. This high number of servers means that, you have the option of selecting the best performing ones or the ones you find to be working best with Kodi.

Solid Security Offered by Ivancy

Thanks to its 256- bit encryption and a strict enforcement of the No Logs Policy, you get to have solid security that remains unmatchable. Moreover, Ivacy also offers additional protection against DNS leaks. Ivacy employs multiple protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN UDP to maximize the security and make your device impenetrable.

Tried and Tested Unblocker

Many times, Unblocking the key streaming services become a cumbersome task for the streamers while also being a risky business since streaming copyrighted content is illegal. But not with Ivacy. Ivacy is a VPN industry stalwart and a tested unblocker for those who solely wish to unblock Netflix or other geographically restricted streaming services such as Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and many others.

Budget Friendly VPN Provider

Ivacy is incredibly budget friendly since it offers $9.95/ month which is well below the industry average of $12/month. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 7 day free trial whereby you can test the service to see how good it really is! Ivacy’s prices remain pretty much unmatchable when compared to the other VPNs on offer and it can be touted as being one of the lowest priced ones.

High Speeds

Recently Ivacy won the fastest VPN award by BestVPN for the year 2019 owing to its high speeds. This is a big achievement for a VPN having a relatively smaller footprint and charging nominal prices and packages. These speeds remain high for both uploading and downloading, offering much stability for use over Kodi.

User Friendly & Easy to Navigate

Ivacy has a Kodi specific page on their website explaining all ins and outs pertaining to Kodi use and how Ivacy can be set up on Kodi perfectly. That being said, Ivacy maintains great support standards, ensuring that their user guides are able to sufficiently guide their customers without becoming too technical or problematic for those not having any technical knowhow.

Moreover, Ivacy also has user-friendly apps maintained for the widely used operating systems and platforms. These apps contain plenty of useful features and have incredibly easy to use interface.

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