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Bluesky Now Finally Lets Users Send and Receive DMs

The Bluesky microblogging platform debuted last year and is getting a major overhaul this week. Users can now send and receive direct messages (DMs), a long-awaited feature for Bluesky users.

The feature works as expected, allowing users to send private messages. “These are private one-on-one messages sent through the Bluesky app. By default, your permissions let anyone you follow to DM you. Bluesky said, “You can change these settings so that nobody can message you.”

Tap the chat icon on the Bluesky app or website to send a direct message to someone else. Both users must have the app’s newest version loaded to use the DM feature.

Several privacy settings are accessible to DMs. Users can, for example, limit their direct messages to only those they follow. There is also the option to disable notification noises for DMs. In the future, Bluesky plans to allow users to transmit material via DMs, form group conversations, and support E2EE encryption and anti-harassment measures.

Bluesky was available as an invitation-only beta for months and was ultimately opened to the public earlier this year.

The Bluesky app is free in the App Store and requires an iPhone running iOS 13.4 or later.

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