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CES 2024: Withings Launches ‘BeamO’ Home Health Scanner

Withings, best known for its iPhone-connected smart scales, unveiled the BeamO, a 4-in-1 home health checkup device, today.


The BeamO “multiscope” combines sensors for ECG, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, and thermometer into a single device. The BeamO is the “thermometer of the future,” according to Withings, capable of not only measuring temperature but also providing feedback on heart and lung health.


Electrodes on the BeamO’s side allow it to detect blood oxygen levels and heart rate, as well as perform a 1-lead ECG (similar to the Apple Watch ECG function).


A temperature scanner measures body temperature from the temporal artery and can capture chest or back acoustic soundwaves to send to a physician during a telehealth appointment using a Piezoelectric disc.


According to Withings, the BeamO can perform a body checkup in under a minute, alerting users to fever, infection, and potential cardiovascular issues such as atrial fibrillation.


BeamO is scheduled to go on sale in June 2024 for $250.

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