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China Wants to Ban Millions of Apps from Apple App Store

With its crackdown on unregistered foreign apps, China is also putting pressure on Apple. However, like in the EU, the company’s initial response is to use diplomacy. In keeping with this, Apple has conveyed its worries to Chinese officials about new laws prohibiting unregistered foreign apps from being available in the App Store. Here are the specifics…


The regulations will call for mobile app shops and apps to report information about their companies to the government, including ownership details, data storage procedures, and security measures. And they will remove all those apps that break the rules from the App Store. Apple worries that the new regulations will prevent it from providing many well-known international apps now offered in the Chinese App Store.


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp are some of these applications. Apple recently had many meetings with Chinese officials to review the new regulations. It stated that the regulations would make it challenging to provide Chinese users with fresh and innovative apps. 


It is unclear how the Chinese government will implement the new regulations and whether Apple may continue delivering its whole catalogue of apps in China.


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