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How to Select Domain Name – Keep This Tips in Your Mind

A relevant, easy and catchy domain name shows your seriousness towards your online business. The success of any online business or you can say an E-commerce store is all about the user experience. A good UX gives your business more value in term of customer trust, behavior while using your business page. 

Setting up an online store is starting from your business identity or you can simply say that your website name. It is the most tricky part and needs proper concentration and research. 

Finding your dream name is not easy, if you succeed in it then you will be lucky. Due to the possibility of facing hard times in domain name hunting, most of the people hire business developers or domain name finders experts. 

According to Businesswire, there are 329.3 million top-level domains registered till Feb 2017. Now after two years, there is almost a 20% incline expected. That means that your desired business domain name might already be taken by someone else i.e. by your competitor.

Due to the high competition in the domain name finding, most of the people give up after a little research and start their business with unwanted website name. In the modern age, you are supposed to be creative of some level to find your dream name for the online business.  

5 Things You Should Not Include in Your Domain Name

As said earlier above in this post, finding a domain is a difficult task. For achieving their goals, startups owners ask other people for suggestions. This is also a good approach, but you need to keep a safety check on your friends or professionals suggestions. If a domain name contains any of the following things, just say NO and ask them to start over. What are these important things that shouldn’t be there in your business name? Have a look at the following points. 

Don’t Use Trademark as Part of Your Domain Name

Using someone’s else name will never help you in making your brand successful. It was a common thing a few years back and still few people think about the approach of using a well-established brand name in their domain. What is mean by this approach? For example, if you are a web developer and working on an E-commerce platform say it Magento. Now if you think that using Magento in your domain name will help you then you are wrong. 

First of all your violating the copyrights and trademark of the original company. Secondly, you will never get your business goals as it will work for a short term but not for a long time. This practice is also known as cybersquatting and you could lose your business name. 

Don’t Use Hyphens

If you have ever searched for a domain name then you might have realized that most of the famous two or three words combination domains but with hyphens i.e. Why famous names with hyphens are still available? It is due to the low demand. People who are familiar with domain name trends will never buy such long-domain-names. 

Users are short of time and they can’t enter single or multiple dashes while browsing a website. Sometimes they also forgot to enter hyphens as they are not used to. This results in a broken page. There are also some websites with hyphens, but it is considering better and more professional to avoid hyphenated names. 

Don’t Go for Words that are Hard to Spell and Remember 

Many business owners particularly the new startups go for hard words from the dictionary when they failed in finding their dream names. Honestly, it happens. We have seen main people with this practice. But what happens? They don’t achieve the goals they have set. 

A good and user-friendly domain name is easy to remember, easy to spell and easy to read. Words like liaison, convalesce, convalesce, deductible etc. are hard to write in the browser and even hard to spell for a non-English user. 

Before selecting a name, make sure that it is user-friendly. You can send it to your expert friends asking for feedback. If you get a positive response then go ahead else don’t waste your resources and time. 

As discussed earlier. It happens. Due to the high volume of domain names, it becomes hard to find what you want. But remember, you can go for the synonyms that suit your idea in a better way. You can search for alternative words on

Don’t Use Numbers in Your Domain Name

Let’s take an example of a domain name What will you pick from the three versions of this domain 1. 2., Surely, you will pick the one that is more readable and provide the better user experience. 

Have a look on a domain name called In this domain 360 in numbers looks good. People won’t mind writing 360 in the form of the number instead of writing a long phrase of as a domain. 

This example shows that numbers are also good to use in the domain name if it matches the situation. For example, if you are offering a 24 online pizza delivery then using “24” in your brand name will be a plus point. Think deeper about this point while selecting a name for your online brand. 

Use these Domain Tools for Selecting a Better Name

Last but not least, there are plenty of tools available that can be used for generating domain name ideas. Luckily few of the best tools are free. You can use these tools without any subscription or user account. Here in this guide, we have listed our own tested tools. 

Remember we have used these tools before going for “HeKnowsTech“. Results were absolutely in our favor. As a reader of this blog, we are highly recommending to use online tools for a better selection. 

How these tools help you in finding a domain name? Have a look at the below-given details. – Our first pick for domain generating tools is Panabee. You have to enter a relevant name in the search box. It will give multiple combinations of that entered word as well as shows you that either a domain name is available or not. Furthermore, below the suggested names, it also shows you Related terms to your entered phrase/word. – Enter a word in search box and click on “Search Domain”. You can filter out the names based on the TLDs. The DomainWheel will filter out the “Best Available Domains for …”, where … means your entered term. Below the list, it also suggests some random ideas and three more columns based on Sounds LikeRhymes With and Random Suggestions. –  Enter a word or combination of words. Narrow down your search for TLDs, Registrar i.e. Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost etc. It is quite a managed tool. It will sort out different types of domain names in different sections. Like it will give a list with suggested names based on the Common, New, Short, Extra, Similar, SEO, Premium, Mix and Fun. 

Final Words 

All done! We recommend you to use these rules in mind while searching and selecting a domain name for your brand. The resources/tools used in this article are highly recommended. 

You should give a try to domain generating tools and Synonym maker tools. Keep us updated on what you have learned from this guide. We love the feedback from you and appreciate it. So keep us updated on this blog in the form of your comments/feedback.

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