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These 8 Brilliant Tools will help you Empower your Blogging

Every passing day, hundreds of students, IT workers, and other passionate individuals think about their own blog. Most of them even start blogging but only a few sticks hard while mostly give off. There are plenty of reasons behind a blog failure like early expectations of earning, lack of knowledge, choosing a less popular niche or a niche with high competition. But I must say, most of the bloggers with low knowledge about the basic tools. 

Behind every successful blog/website, there is a bundle of tools. Blogging tools help you to be successful as you will wrap up the work in minimum time while going for a tool. Well, to be a successful blogger, you need to rely on some blogging tools. Here in this article, I am going to write about the 8 most important blogging tools that I think without this blogging is incomplete. Here, I must say that without these tools I would not be able to even think about the blog you are reading right now. 

The essential blogging tools discussed in this blog are mostly free to use. Few of them will require a paid subscription if you want to get access to the complete features. But if you are new to blogging and you have not enough earning from your blog, then I must say, you should not try paid tools as it will cost you in giving off the blogging idea. 

Microsoft Word 

Why you should use Word: It is the best tool to write your first draft. It will help you to know about word count, spelling, grammatical and other mistakes in your content. 


Why you should use Grammarly: It will resolve the spelling, sentence structure and grammatical errors from your content. The free version will resolve basic mistakes, to remove advanced grammatical errors; you have to go for its premium version.    

WordPress Editor 

Purpose of WordPress Editor: These days most of the blogs are developed in WordPress CMS. WordPress is easy to use and even a new Internet user can learn it in a few hours. It is advised for a blogger to have a little bit of knowledge of WordPress editor like how to add content, title, meta description, featured and blog images, add links to the content etc. 

Google Analytics 

Benefits of Google Analytics: It helps you to know about the growth of your blog in term of traffic. Google Analytics shows the complete user behavior and shows you the pages performing well in Google. You can make better decisions and can analyze your blog while looking at the Analytics.  

Basics of Photoshop

Why Photoshop: This is a little bit of the topic, but if you have zero budget of investing in a designer, then you have to learn it yourself. Basic knowledge of Photoshop such as resizing images, adding text, logo on images is essential for any blogger. 

Google Search Console 

Google Search Console benefits: It shows all the problems your blog showing in Google. You can analysis errors like Page Not Found 404, Redirects, Website Speed, Mobile Usability, Broken Links and other related issues. 

Google Keyword Planner 

Google Keyword Planner Benefits: A good and catchy blog post always requires a lot of research and thinking. Google Keyword Planner gives you the idea about the most search terms about the topic you are planning to construct a blog on. You can search for Keywords in the Keyword Planner. It will give you an idea about its difficulty and competition level. 

Sticky Notes 

Sticky Notes Benefits: Making notes help not only a blogger but every individual to manage the time in a better way. The sticky note is a built-in feature in Windows that allows you to note the to-do items. 

Google Drive 

Google Drive Benefits: Google Drive is an online storage space from Google Inc. It gives you to keep a record of your data as well as gives you an online Microsoft Office involvement in the form of Online Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF editor etc. If you are a moving blogger, then you must use Google Drive for keeping your drafts and login details. It gives you a free 15 GB space. 


Pixabay Benefits: Using copyrighted images always causes a penalty from search engines. To avoid any unwanted incident, you should use your own designed images or go for a free images directory like Pixabay. From this image directory, you can find free images and can use in your blogs. 

Final Words: 

Blogging is not easy, it requires a lot of effort, research and the most important is patience. If you lack patience, then blogging is not your job. Sometimes you get instant results, while in most of the cases, you need to wait for a couple of years. So before starting a blog, you have to accept all these challenges. 

Another important thing that I need to add here is the knowledge of the above-discussed tools. These tools always help in automating the blogging procedure of any blogger. 

Without these tools, it will be a hectic job to do blogging. So we all must give proper credit to the developers of these tools by buying their paid subscriptions. If you have enough budget, then you must try the paid version of any blogging tool. 

That’s all! Hope you have found enough juice in this article. As a new blogger, I am using these tools and I want you to use these too even if you are experienced. There are plenty of other tools available, but I think these are essential for every blogger. Let us know in the comments if you think there is a tool we have missed here. We always appreciate the feedback from our readers. Good Luck!

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