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Eve Announces New Matter Outlet, Light Switch, and Blinds

Eve Systems, a smart home company, announced several new Matter-enabled smart home devices today, including the Eve Energy Outlet and updated versions of the Eve Light Switch and Eve Motion Blinds. With Matter integration, all devices are compatible with HomeKit.


Eve Energy Outlet uses Thread to connect to a smart home setup. It has two independent receptacles and advanced energy monitoring functionality, allowing users to see how much energy their devices consume.


Existing outlets in single or multi-gang installations can replaced with Eve Energy Outlet. It will work with other HomeKit products to enable automation and control through the Home app and Siri. The Eve app will include energy monitoring.


Eve announced the Matter versions of the Eve Light Switch and the Eve Blinds Collection will be available soon. The Light Switch will replace the traditional one, while the Eve Blinds Collection is a collection of made-to-measure smart blinds.


Eve Energy Outlet will launch in February and may be available through the Eve Store and Amazon. The price will be $50. The Matter-enabled Eve Light Switch will be available for $50 in the second quarter of 2024, while the Eve Blinds Collection will be available on February 1 in the Eve Store.

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