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These 5 are the Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Computers are in the business since long, but the development and innovation in the past decade have brought more career prospects for computer graduates and skilled personnel. If you have been aspiring computer technology and know, how to code, then surely you deserve a high paying job in the industry. According to the research, the following list includes some of the most promising jobs a computer science graduates need to consider.

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

1. Web application developer

You might be busy browsing different websites but never thought of how and who made them. These applications are backed by the knowledge and expertise of web developers. They need to master complex languages to develop a complete website.

Due to the high demand in the web development field, they have the option either to work as independent freelancers or get affiliated with a company and secure a job. On average, they can grab about $78, 568 of annual earnings.  

2. Software Engineer

The term ‘software engineer’ is an old one and commonly known as they are credited for bringing the top-notch programs to the markets, which are still in use. With the passage of time, their demand never decreased as the increase in e-commerce industry has created more opportunities for them.

They also have to learn different computer languages to develop programs that solve problems of businessmen, students, professionals or a common man. The annual salary of a software engineer can be $59,307.

3. Security Administrator

Hackers are in search of harming your computer systems, and the entire network or server of corporate concern. To strengthen security, companies are in need of a security administrator who oversees different activities on the server to make sure everything is perfectly fine and smooth.

They are often in charge of mega projects where their sole responsibility is to prevent any loss or theft of the data on a server. They can withdraw about $69,797 a year from an employer.

4. Data Architect

If you have secured good marks in mathematics throughout your academics and have a passion for calculations, you can utilize them in the role of a data architect. You will be required to work closely with data modelers who have an exposure to practical mathematics rather than the pure one.

The data architects are sometimes given the responsibilities of a modeler where they are required to define storage and archival mechanism for the information of an organization. The median salary for this job is about $100,717 per annum.   

5. Systems Analyst

Have you ever contacted an IT company when a computer system stops working anymore? The system analysts have a kind of major responsibility of ensuring that all the systems are working properly and that any issue can be resolved in the shortest possible time.

They have to supervise networking and find a reliable solution for any technical issue.  They are also consulted for suggesting software that fulfills the business needs of an enterprise. A Systems analyst can earn up to $96,207 a year.

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