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How Search Engines Work – Tips for Online Businesses

Before we show you how to optimize your website for search engines. Let’s have a short look on how search engines work. Let’s the green area in the image below is your website. Basically, a website consists of four type of elements.

  • Meta Text
  • Images
  • Videos and similar multimedia content
  • Links (linking a page to another page in a site or linking to an external web page)

Search engines use sources called “Robots” to read the content of all the websites around the web. Robots also known as crawlers, spiders, bots. They crawl websites from page to page following the links they find on a page. Here we will use the term bot for the Google crawler.

Bots analyze the content of a website and send it a database. Well, they don’t store images and videos, but all information they find like image descriptions or the title of the video. The information found on a single page join with the information with all other pages.

Furthermore, the bots store all link information that means to the relationship of pages linking each other. There are 60 Trillian pages on the internet crawled 60 and detected by the bots which are a large amount of data. After collecting data, information is split into pieces and put into an index. You might imagine that index is the collection of words and the corresponding website with the respective words is to be found.

Let’s have a look on the user who open the web browser to search for something he/she needed. The user puts a keyword in the search box of search engines say Google and the search engine look the same word with the pages stored in its index. The search results pass back to the user. the page is shown to the users called SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

There is a highly sophisticated algorithm of more than 200 criteria which distinguish more relevant results from less relevant. And at the end determine the ranking of the result. These more than 200 criteria or the secret of the search engines you use. Here search engine optimization or SEO comes into the game. SEO is the sign of coming close to this secret.

What SEO is about?

SEO: How you can improve the ranking of your website in the searches results 

Let’s have another look at the number of web pages:

Pages indexed by search engines: 60, 000, 000, 000, 000. This is the number of your potential competitors. Well, you are not supposed to discourage. The number of competitors shrinks when they look at the number of results for a certain keyword. You are not supposed to get worried about the number of pages shows against a specific result. Because your good SEO strategy and plan will help you to overtake all of these pages in a short period of time. All you need to be patience.

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