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How to unblock someone on Facebook

Facebook is the most favorite social media platform of the youth as well as elders these days. It has a user base of around 2.50 billion, which makes it much populated. The positive aspect of being a crowded social media network helps you interact with people across the world, whereas, the negative aspect is compromising your social privacy that every tom, dick, and harry may be viewing your profile and pictures, liking and sharing your content, and sharing their indecent thoughts in comments and inbox. 

A quick solution to this is blocking the users straight away from visiting and viewing your profile. With time, if you come to know that the person you have blocked does not deserve it or you have blocked him or her by mistake, you always have the option to unblock someone on Facebook. Let us find different ways to help you how to unblock someone on Facebook. I am sharing some of the easiest ways that can assist you to remove friends from the blocked list with simple steps.

How to unblock someone on Facebook using a PC

To allow users again view your Facebook profile by using a desktop computer, you can follow the steps below. 

  • Enter and visit website in your browse 
  • Provide your credential and sign in to your account
  • Navigate to the arrow sign on the top left corner of the website
  • Click the arrow sign and a menu will appear for selecting any option 
  • Hit ‘Settings’ option in the menu and it will take you to a dedicated page of account settings
  • Navigate to the ‘Blocking’ section in the admin controls on the left side and click it 
  • There, you will find a list of all the blocked users. All the users that you have blocked in the past appear in this list
  • With each user’s name, you will find the ‘Unblock‘ option. Click it
  • Upon clicking, a dialog box will appear to ask for confirmation. To ensure you are unblocking the right person, read his or her name, and decide to either cancel or confirm. To unblock, hit Confirm option. That’s it

How to unblock someone on Facebook app

Using Facebook on a mobile application is different from the websites therefore; I am sharing how to unblock someone on Facebook app. You can try any of the methods to reconnect with your blocked users whichever seems easier to follow and apply. Follow the below steps if you do not how to unblock someone on the Facebook app. It is quite easy to follow, as you need your mobile device to unblock the users rather than getting access to a desktop computer.  

  • Tap the Facebook app icon in your smartphone
  • By default, your profile feed may appear. Find the menu button in the right corner of the screen to tap it. 
  • Click the Settings option and navigate to the ‘Privacy Settings.’ There, you may find the ‘Blocking‘ field.
  • Click it, and you may get a list of all the users you have blocked in the past. 
  • Tap the ‘Unblock’ option against each user to remove restrictions and reconnect with your friends. 

How to unblock someone on Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger is one of the widely used applications for instant messaging, and audio and video calls. It often happens with us that we may not like to chat with someone and he or she may keep on dropping messages to the inbox. As a result, we block them altogether. Whereas, after a while, we realize that we must provide an opportunity for them to behave and learn a better way to talk. However, we may not know as to how to unblock someone on Facebook messenger. To help you quickly unblock users from chat, I am sharing different ways so that you can go with the one easy for you. 


Here I am sharing how to unblock someone on Facebook Android for the chat. 

  • Open Facebook Messenger application in your android smartphone or mobile devices 
  • The home screen may show all the Chats. From there, hit your profile image that appears in the top left corner of the app. 
  • Scroll down the profile. Find and click the ‘People‘ section
  • Navigate to the ‘Blocked People’ tab and click it 
  • Here, you will find the list of users you have blocked from Facebook Chat
  • Tap the ‘Unblock’ button in front of every blocked user, and start chatting again

iPhone and iPad:

In case, you are using an Apple device, follow down the steps as how to unblock some on Facebook Messenger using Apple iOS.  

  • Open the Facebook Messenger App to click your profile’s display picture. You can find it in the top left corner upon opening the app. 
  • Search for the ‘People’ tab. Click it, and follow clicking the ‘Blocked’ option for accessing all the blocked users.
  • Tab ‘Unblock on Messenger’ and continue with the unblock confirmation. 


Using the desktop version of Facebook Messenger is an easier option if you like to use a personal computer more often than a smartphone. Let us find how you can unblock someone on Facebook Messenger using the desktop version of the application. 

  • Open Facebook Messenger on the computer either using Windows or macOS.  
  • Click your profile picture that is usually on the top left side
  • Hit ‘Preferences’ tab and navigate to ‘Account Settings
  • A separate page with all Facebook Settings will load in your PC browser
  • On the settings’ page, search and click the ‘Blocking’ section 
  • It shows blocked users in categories. You need to scroll down to ‘Block Messages’
  • Again, hit the ‘Unblock’ button after the name of the user to allow chatting for him or her.

Final words

Unblocking someone on Facebook is easy. If you have stopped anyone from viewing your profile, posts, and comments, or barred them from the chat as well, you can revoke your actions anytime you want with a simple ‘Unblock’ feature.  

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