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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online – An Infographic

Unlikely the old generation, modern kids are very passionate to start the use of the Internet. You know that the Internet itself is not dangerous, but the end users approach towards it makes it dangerous. There are many hidden dangers associated with it, but taking proper security steps will never allow these dangers to overtake your privacy. 

We all need proper ways to avoid any unwanted stuff on the Internet, but it is highly recommended for kids. Elements that we think are safe will be dangerous for your kids. For example, social media use is not that harmful as it is for kids. In the same way, watching movies will not affect an adult, but there are high chances that watching too many videos will affect kids future. 

This below-given infographic by Pumpic will show you 10 safety checks that you can check if your kids are going to start the use of the online world. These safety checks will make your kids secure and away from all the negative elements. 

How to Keep My Kids Safe Online - An Infographic

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It is recommended to keep your kids away from conventional search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. You should encourage them to use kids-friendly search engines like Another important thing is to keep an eye on their social media usage.

Closely look where and with whom they are spending time. Look at their friend’s circle. If you think someone is misleading your kids, advice them according to the situation. Behave like a friend with your kids. Last but not least, enable parental control on your network, device or on a specific application that is harmful in your view. 

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