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How to Install WordPress and its theme on any Web Hosting

WordPress is the most popular platform for developing websites because it powers nearly fifty nine of all the websites employing a CMS platform. this can be usually thanks to its straightforward interface and providing the convenience to use plugins for extended operability and support. Moreover, you’ll additionally use thousands of free and premium WordPress themes to form your site look beautiful altogether aspects

The platform additionally supports well-designed themes which might be promptly used for the web site style. It provides simple drag and drops choices for putting the widgets on the web site. Further, you’ll additionally add customization codes and enhance the options consistent with your understanding and demand.

In this post, we are going to be telling you concerning the way to install WordPress manually together with a fast Softaculous installation tutorial for putting in WordPress on any Web-Hosting platform. the full setup is being divided into six steps

Setup WordPress Manually 

  1. Download the WordPress Package 
  2. Upload the Package to your Hosting Account 
  3. Create a MySQL Database and User 
  4. Fill the details in WordPress 
  5. Run the WordPress Installation 
  6. How to change how your blog looks 
  7. How to install a WordPress theme 
  8. How to add functionality to your blog

1. Download the WordPress Package 

Install the WordPress CMS you’ll download the WordPress package from the official website.

2. Upload the Package to your Hosting Account 

This can be down in three ways: 

  1. Uploading via FTP 
  2. Uploading via File Manager 
  3. Uploading SSH 

3. Create a MySQL Database and User 

For this, you’ll like the cPanel access to your hosting account. WordPress usually stores all the data in a very information. Information are often thought of as a storage house for all the content a visitor views on your web site. It stores the text files, WordPress Themes, plugin, etc.

For storing the information you’ll require to produce an information which might be done victimization the below procedure. 

  1. Log in to your cPanel. 
  2. There is typically a MySQL information Wizard underneath the information section. Click thereon. Kindly compose the below details in a very separate document because it is going to be employed in any steps.

3. Create info and enter the info name. Click Next Step.

4. Create info Users and enter the username and countersign. Click produce User.

5. Add the user to the info. After this, you’ll result in the privileges choice. choose the choices in step with your would like. If you’re making an AN admin account then choose all privileges. Although, if creating a user account for a worker, you’ll limit him by providing fewer privileges.

6. Note down the main points mentioned higher than together with the info name, username and countersign during a separate document and reserve it during a secure folder.

 4. Fill the details in WordPress

In order to attach your information with WordPress, you would like to top off the main points from Step three in WordPress too. allow us to see how:

  1. As presently as you begin WordPress on your browser, it’ll raise the required details for connecting up the information. Enter the information name that you had created earlier.
  2. Enter the information username.
  3. Enter the information identification. you ought to use a long and tough identification for the information. For this, you’ll use Passwords Generator which mixes characters, numbers and special characters to create a powerful identification.
  4. Choose the information Host. you’ll get this information from your net host.
  5. We would counsel you to retain the table prefix completely different than the default “wp”. employing a completely different prefix can create your information safer and can create it laborious for any unauthorized person to guess it.

Submit the main points within the finish. this is able to connect the information together with your WordPress account.

5. Run the WordPress Installation

you have with success completed the first steps and currently, you would like to press the ultimate button. when this step, you’ll be able to established one among the most effective WordPress journal themes and build your web site live to tell the tale the online.

The last job is to put the installation script from the installation page.

Replace within the higher than link by your actual domain link. when this you’ll be followed by the page spoke communication “Welcome to the famed 5 minute WordPress installation process!” and you’re done. In another way, we can use WordPress Development Services to develop a website.

6. how to change how your blog looks

When you generate a WordPress weblog, one of the most important advantages that you simply get is access to WordPress’ large assortment of themes and plugins.WordPress theme Customization Services provide such a good look for our blog  Here’s a fast summary of the two:

  1. Themes – these amendments however your weblog appearance
  2. Plugins – these add practicality to your weblog

As shortly as you produce a WordPress weblog, you have already got a topic active. this can be either the default WordPress theme or the theme that you simply selected throughout the SiteGround Setup Wizard.

But there are literally thousands of themes accessible for WordPress, thus you’re by no suggests that restricted to it little choice.

7. How to install a WordPress theme

Once you’ve found a theme that you simply love, WordPress makes it simple to feature that theme to your web site.

Here’s how:

  1. Hover over Appearance
  2. Select Themes
  3. Click the Add New button
  1. If you selected a free theme at, look for the theme by name and click on Install.
  2. If you bought a premium theme, click the Upload Theme button and transfer the zip File you must have received after you purchased the theme
  3. After putting in your theme, check that to click the Activate button to form it active on your web site.

8. how to add functionality to your blog

While themes are largely regarding appearances, plugins ar a lot of targeted on serving to you add practicality to your weblog.

When you 1st produce a WordPress weblog, you just about solely have the power to write down weblog posts and build pages.

Plugins are what enable you to feature a lot of advanced practicality like:

  • Contact forms
  • Social network buttons
  • Backups
  • Improved SEO
  • And lots, lots more

If you’ll consider a feature, there’s most likely a plugin for it. That’s as a result of the WordPress community offers over fifty free plugins, and there are thousands of premium plugins.

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