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Halide Adds Support for Zero Shutter Lag and other iOS 17 Features

On top of several new features like StandBy Mode and NameDrop, Apple released iOS 17 to the public on Monday. The upgrade also includes new APIs for third-party apps. 

Version 1.12 adds support for numerous new iOS 17 camera APIs, including Zero Shutter Lag, as described by Halide in a blog post.

Usually, there is a lag between what you see on the screen and the image that the sensor records when you take a picture. However, with iOS 17, apps can continuously take pictures in the background, choosing one to match the image you see on the screen when you push the shutter button.

“While the delay may appear to be minor, it can be enough to throw off a perfect shot.” “This is why we asked Apple last year to offer Zero Shutter Lag, and we’re very excited to see it launch,” Halide says.

Prioritising Responsiveness is another new iOS 17 feature supported by Halide. When enabled, the app identifies when the user snaps a rapid sequence of shots in order to limit image post-processing, guaranteeing that you capture every moment without overwhelming your iPhone’s processor.

The Halide upgrade also enhances HDR support and includes other bug fixes. The latest version, of course, offers early compatibility for the upcoming iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

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