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Japanese ‘My Number Card’ Digital IDs Coming to Apple’s Wallet App

Today, Apple revealed that “late next spring,” the Apple Wallet software will begin to support national My Number Card IDs in Japan. This is the first time that digital IDs in Apple Wallet will be available outside of the US.

Currently, more than 100 million people in Japan have My Number Card IDs, allowing them to access services at more than 60,000 convenience stores nationwide, online, and in other venues like government offices and hospitals.

A user’s My Number Card can be loaded into Apple Wallet, and accessed within the app by logging in with Face ID or Touch ID, and the ID can then be presented in person or to a card reader to gain access to government services, healthcare, and other facilities.

During one of Cook’s visits to Japan in late 2022, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida talked about the integration of My Number Card. Cook stated at the time that Apple was concerned about customer privacy and security with the IDs, but it seems those worries have been allayed to the point where Apple is now willing to support the IDs in its centralized Wallet app.

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