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Best Kodi Addons for Live TV

If you know well enough how to explore Kodi, you must know the fact that Kodi is an all-around media player. In Kodi, you can find a bundle of video content mostly for free. Whether it is Movies, TV shows or Live TV channels all these can be accessed in a user-friendly environment.

To access Kodi content, you will need some third party or official Kodi add-ons as Kodi standalone is nothing. You cannot watch live channels without add-ons. Here in this post, we are going to write about the Kodi live TV add-ons that are in radar for all Kodi users these days.

The best thing about Kodi is that it offers you multiple types of content that you can stream live for free. It makes streaming content online very easy and users can get connected to their favorite sports, news, programs, movies, TV shows etc.

If you need to observe live TV on Kodi, you should simply locate the add-on that gives you a chance to stream your most loved channels. The question arises that how are we going to locate the best live TV add-ons for Kodi?

In this post, we will tell you about some of the properly working Live TV Kodi add-ons. This article will make you able to pick the best.

Live TV Addons for Kodi Jaunary 2019

Below is a detailed list of the best Kodi add-ons for 2018.

Exodus Redux Live TV Addon

The most recent and the most popular add-on for your purpose might be the Exodus Redux. This is a true clone of the most famous Exodus. However, there are some differences. The most prominent one is that the new Redux offers a perfectly effective Lambda Scrapers. Other bright features of the new Exodus Redux are; very fast speed with almost zero buffering at any time; gives you top of the line streams.

The Magic Dragon

When it comes to latest movies and shows, speed and fast performance, this add-on is one of the best you can have. With a big library of TV shows and flicks, you never end up with entertainment on this add-on. Just like Exodus Redux, some very effective scrapers power this add-on to give you the best streams.

GAIA Kodi Live TV Addon

GAIA is also one that made our list easily. With tons of streams and very easy layout, you can find all your desired content easily. You will find categories for Shows, Movies and Documentaries etc. just on the main screen.

You may have to try your luck for several times to find your content. Many of the streams offered do not work but you will still be able to find with trying for some times.

Yoda Live TV Addon

This add-on is still working and has been there for a long time. With a lot of streams, this add-on is still a very good choice for users.

Just like GAIA, most of the streams offered do not work and you will need to try many times in order to find one that works for your requested content.

Chronos Kodi Addon for Live TV

If you are interested into Live TV streaming, you should consider Chronos seriously. This is a nice choice for every Kodi user who likes to watch Live TV content. You will enjoy almost everything from TV shows to News although you will not find the channel list to be big enough compared to other add-ons. This add-on gives you various types of channels including Sports, News, Cartoon, Movies, TV Shows and many more.

It is not easy to find sports and movie channels with Chronos.

IPTV Bonanza

Another excellent Live TV add-on is IPTV Bonanza. It is accessed through two sources i.e. Kodil and Maniac Repositories of Kodi. This is one of the evergreen add-ons with loads of live TV channels from all over the world. It makes it very easy for you to find Live TV channels from around the world. After installing this Add-on, you can get connect to Movies, TV shows, Sports, WWE, MMA, News, Documentaries and much more.

The channel list is not set up properly. It is not in alphabetical order due to which sometimes it becomes very difficult to find your desired channel.

Ultra IPTV  Kodi Addon

Ultra IPTV is another all in one Kodi add-on for accessing Live TV content from different sources around the web. The content library contains a huge volume of full HD TV channels and a lot of them are free Live TV channels as well, just like in IPTV Bonanza. You can access whatever you want through Ultra IPTV add-on. It contains Sports Channels, Movies, News Channels, TV shows, Programs, Documentaries etc.

This add-on has the same issue as it is with Ultra IPTV. The channel list is haphazardly arranged and it is not very easy to find the channel you desire.

TV TUGA is a good choice but it mostly has Portuguese channels which is a slight pull-back for the add-on.


The TV TUGA MILHANO is a less known but yet one of the most effective Live TV add-on for Kodi. The main focus of this Add-on is on the TV channels available in Portuguese language. However, it is not limited to that and users can get a lot of other channels in English language as well. A golden section of ‘World TV’ is also offered by this add-on which lists channels from all over the world on a separate page.

Ultimate IPTV Kodi Addon

Ultimate IPTV, just like other add-ons, also has an extensive range of choices in its collection for Live TV channels. This Add-on also contains some stunning list of satellite TV channels from all over the world in different picture qualities. This Add-on is not managed well, so finding your favorite channel will consume some of your time. However, if the overall features are kept in mind, it is surely an add-on that most of us will like.

Again the same issue as it is with Ultra IPTV and IPTV Bonanza. Improper arrangement of channels makes it difficult to find what you want to watch.


This was all about our selected list of the best Kodi addons for Live TV in 2019. As Kodi is a developing platform, so you can expect more and more in this list. All we need is your patience for our next update to this blog post. We may have missed your favorite one, but we tried our best to bring you those that are working perfectly and are 100% up to date. 

Keep in point in mind, that no addon will be up all the time. You may face some problems while using any live streaming addon.  These listed add-ons contain multiple resource links and hence the downtime will be minimum. 

Kodi add-ons for Live TV are a very good choice to watch your favorite content. You, however, need to gain knowledge about which one should work fine and be chosen. In our opinion, as the list shows, Exodus Redux is the best we will recommend as it has a lot of good features and yet does not have any open discomfort.

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