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List of Best Firefox Extensions/Addons Every User Should Try

Firefox Internet browser has many built-in features and functions. To give more to its customers, with its new Quantum release, Firefox is all set to beat famous Internet browsers including Safari, Microsoft Edge and particularly its main competitor Google Chrome in term of speed and memory consumption. 

What’s new in the Firefox Quantum?

  • Quantum is 2 times faster than Google Chrome 
  • 30% lighter than Google Chrome 
  • Best for Smooth browsing
  • Attractive Design 
  • Smart features
  • Intelligent Browsing 
  • Consumes little memory than Google Chrome and other browsers 

Inspired by Firefox Quantum? Want to switch your browser from Chrome to Firefox? Now you can easily switch to Firefox without any loss to your Chrome bookmarks, passwords, cache data, and preferences.   

Besides the core functionalities, Firefox also supports tons of Addons/plugins. Among these, we have shortlisted 10 of the most popular and most useful add-ons that will make your browser history faster, practical and more enjoyable. We have selected mix addons while keeping in mind different niche and while looking on the end users approach towards browsing with Firefox. 

HTTPS Everywhere 

HTTPS Everywhere makes every website secure you visit on the web. It automatically enables the SSL encryption for better protection on the web. This extension adds the HTTPS and a lock icon in front of any website URL you are visiting. 

Moz Bar 

Moz is a well-known SEO and digital marketing tool. With the help of Moz bar, Digital Marketer and Webmasters can easily explore many elements of their competitors and top websites. 

Moz Bar allows you to; 

  • Learn about the DA and PA of any visited website 
  • Compare Links 
  • Highlight Keywords on a page 
  • Export SERPs to CSV 
  • Expose major page elements for SEO purposes 

Alexa Traffic Rank  

It is a business extension for Firefox that is widely in use by the Digital marketers. Alexa Bar helps webmasters to keep track of their competitor’s growth in search engines. Alexa Traffic Rank extension helps you to keep a track on your competitors;

  • Global and country based ranking
  • Top countries in term of traffic 
  • Backlink profile 
  • Estimated bounce rate and page views 
  • Similar sites 
  • And many more


Grammarly is a useful Firefox extension for content writers. The main aim of Grammarly is to make your writing clean and readable. Besides writing for your blog, this extension also helps you in correcting writing mistakes (grammar, spelling, sentence mistakes) in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and on other websites. 

Grammarly is a very intelligent extension. It automatically detects when you type text and highlight the mistakes for you. It is a time-saving tool for all the writers and bloggers out there. 

AdBlock Plus 

Advertisements sometimes hurt when you don’t want. There is a solution for disabling unwanted ads on the web and that is Adblock plus extension. Adblock Plus for Firefox disables ads from blogs, Gmail, Social media pages and makes things clear for you for a better browsing experience. It is the best addon if you are not interested in seeing ads anywhere on the web. Enable Adblock Plus to Disable ads for a better experience. 

Video DownloadHelper 

DownloadHelper will be a plus for all those who are interested in watching offline videos. This extension allows you to download videos from major video engines including YouTube, DailyMotion and from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Install this extension on your Firefox browser to enjoy offline videos for free. 


Momentum extension for Firefox helps you in increasing your productivity and makes you motivated by showing you some real-life quotes and attractive gadgets. This extension also allows you to set a daily, weekly goal and make a to-do list. 

It makes your browser attractive with the help of;

  • Set a daily goal
  • Keep track of your goals and tasks
  • See the weather and the daily forecast
  • And more


Sometimes while driving or working we notice some attractive piece of writing but due to time limitations we can’t read at that time and hence we ignore it. But with the help of Pocket Firefox extension, you can save a page for later reading. This extension saves the content you want to read in your spare time. 

Mute Tab  

There are many applications/websites with autoplay audio video settings which is illegal and annoying but still, no proper action is taken against these. But with the help of Mute Tab, you can disable and stop auto-playing of any audio or video file. This extension adds a button in the toolbar from where you can mute and unmute the audio/video files. 

Search Secure   

Search Secure Extension for Firefox works when you visit a website from a search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. It automatically identifies safe and harmful websites right from the SERPs. If a website is safe for a visit, this extension will add a green shield indicator next to it. To check the security status of any website, click on the extension icon from the toolbar of your browser and it will highlight which threats are associated with that particular web page. Install Search Secure on FireFox to identify all the harmful websites and enjoy risk-free access to everything on the web. 

Final Words

Quantum release has brought happiness on all the Firefox users. Firefox Quantum is the best option to minimize the gap between the customer friendly Google Chrome and Firefox users. The core idea behind Quantum is to give faster service with less memory consumption. With the addition of some wise addons selection, you can make it more enjoyable and useful. 

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