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List of Best Plex Channels

Plex has been around for quite a while, but it initially focused on helping you create your own Netflix or Hulu. This way, one could take a collection of their movies, music etc. and organize them in a Plex Server application. This local server would then be able to distribute your movies to any device that you have installed a Plex client app on, and would then convert it to the version required by that device and let you stream your media.

This is alongside giving your updates, information and even downloading overviews and cover arts of the movies and TV shows you have added. Alongside this, Plex offers you the ability to stream media online. This is through channels that have a collection of all sorts of media and genres such as the ones you can get with Kodi (which is now facing a lot of crackdown). These channels are many and diverse, and they comprise both official and non-official ones.

The non-official channels can be downloaded and installed especially from GitHub, and we have a Plex installation guide for you. Plex Channels offer content according to your desires and Tastes, and you can watch Live TV or your favorite films.

List of Best Channels for Plex – Both Official and Non-Official Channels List of 2019

We have done a research and tested these channels, then compiled a list of the best channels that you can use to stream media on Plex.

NFL Network

Plex is a great resource where you can find Movies, TV shows as well as some real-time happenings around the world. NFL Network gives you access to multiple types of content. This addon allows you to watch the American Football from anywhere around the world. This channel is a great source for all the Football fans out there. You can find the National Football league from the restricted countries.

Nickelodeon & Nick Jr

This is a great Plex channel where unlimited kids content can be found. You can find content for all group of kids from age 3 to 15. Using the Nickelodeon and Nick Jr, kids can enjoy real-time entertainment right at home. This addon allows you to find various kids-friendly content such as
Nicky, Ricky, SpongeBob, Henry Danger, SquarePants, Dicky, Dawn, the Legend of Korra and many more Kids shows like these. You can find multiple categories of fresh and old content.

Fox News for Plex

Fox News is a great source for real time access to multiple information in the form of videos. This channel offers you news content from all around the US. This Fox News Channel for Plex offers you news articles, videos, live streaming and many more types of news. There are always positive reviews from the users of Fox News. You will enjoy it for sure.

FMoviesPlus for Plex

FMoviesPlus is a user liked channel for Plex with plenty of movies options. It is a great channel with an excellent user interface with lots of easy features. It offers a lot of movies to users in a friendly manner. The FMoviesPlus channel is supported by some fast working resources which deliver content in excellent picture quality of 1080 HD. This channel also gives you the metadata about the movies and TV shows available in the channel.


This is one of the most recommended channel if you are interested in watching American TV channels. CBS or also known as Columbia Broadcasting System is an US-based TV network. You can find and watch some great TV shows and Live shows with the help of CBS. Great channel to watch American TV abroad.

SS-Plex Channel for Plex

SS-Plex channel for Plex media server gives you a free hand to watch your desired movies and TV shows on your home cenima. It contains a wide collection of movies and TV shows from different resources from all around the web. This wide range of content means that you will always find something fresh and unique. Its content is updated automatically after specific periods.

Facebook for Plex

How is not aware of the importance of Facebook? A great social media platform with millions of users from all corners of the world. Luckily, Plex also supports Facebook. Now you can enjoy texting, video calling, status upload and image sharing on Facebook using your Plex media center. Add Facebook on Plex to connect to fellow users including your family members, college friends etc.

Crunchyroll for Plex

Crunchyroll is a famous tool for watching anime on multiple media centers including Kodi. It is a well-known source for Anime content. It is light weighted and easy to use channel with plenty of options for anime. Using Crunchyroll you can enjoy both subbed and dubbed anime on Plex. This channel includes more than 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of your favorite anime shows.

BBC iPlayer

Are you looking to enjoy the great British shows in another region? Try out BBC iPlayer on your Plex TV to enjoy unlimited streaming for free. It provides you a great enviroment to enjoy the latest and most popular TV series, shows, documenatires, programs from BBC.


These are our picks of the best channels overall to use with Plex, and they’ll most likely live up to your standards. If you are looking for channels for a specific purpose, you can check out our other guides; Best Plex Channels for Sports, Best Plex Channels for movies and Best Plex Channels for kids.

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