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Masimo CEO on why he’s spending over $100 million to fight Apple

Even though the Apple Watch is back on the market, Apple and Masimo, a manufacturer of medical devices, are still in a legal battle over patents. Masimo CEO Joe Kiani discusses his resolve to battle Apple to the bitter end in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal. Nobody is resisting them. It might improve Apple if I can pull it off.


According to Kiani in the interview, Masimo has already invested about $100 million in the legal battle with Apple, which began in January 2020. Masimo made about $144 million in profit overall in 2022, as the WSJ notes.


Though Masimo’s legal battles with Apple are probably years away from ending, the company has prevailed in cases of a similar nature in the past.


Masimo received royalties and damages totaling almost $800 million as part of the 2006 Nellcor settlement. As part of the 2016 Royal Philips settlement, the business gave Masimo $300 million and consented to a licensing agreement that would bring in “more than $1 billion for Masimo.”


According to Kiani, Apple and Masimo have not yet engaged in “serious discussions about a settlement.” Although “it takes two to tango,” Kiani stated in earlier interviews that Masimo is amenable to a settlement with Apple.

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