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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Again Criticizes Apple Vision Pro

In a Friday Threads post, the Meta CEO exchanged conversations with Mosaic Ventures partner Benedict Evans, criticizing the “tradeoffs” in Apple’s VR headset, which he believes make the $3,500 product inferior to Meta’s $500 competitor, Quest.


Meta and Apple representatives have yet to respond to Business Insider’s requests for comment.


Apple has sold over 200,000 Vision Pro devices since the headset became available for preorder in January. In contrast, Meta sold 20 million Quest headsets between its debut in 2019 and February last year. In Meta’s fourth-quarter financials in 2023, the company’s Reality Labs segment exceeded $1 billion in revenue for the first time, which Meta ascribed to “Quest’s excellent holiday season.”


Evans and Zuckerberg continued their conversation, discussing the benefits — and drawbacks — of Apple’s higher resolution, with Zuck eventually saying Apple’s decision to trade higher resolution for better ergonomics and motion blur wasn’t “a clear win,” especially “when Quest’s resolution is also quite good.”


On Friday, Zuckerberg’s social media statements were only the latest in a string of caustic remarks directed at Apple’s Vision Pro. In a scathing Instagram post, he slammed the product on everything from price to specifications. During a corporate meeting, he told Meta colleagues that Apple’s idea of a VR headset is “not the one I want.”


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