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Nashville Police Use AirTag to Track Down Stolen Car, & More

We’ve heard many times that AirTag can help find lost things like suitcases, bikes, and plants that were taken without permission. Now, police in Nashville are saying they found a stolen car using an AirTag, showing how useful Apple’s $29 item tracker can be once again.

A news report from WSMV4 says that someone told the Nashville Police that their car was stolen on August 3. They also said there was an AirTag in the car, so they could find the car’s location using their iPhone’s Find My app. The police used the AirTag’s location to find the car, and then aviation officers helped track it.

The person who took the stolen car, Kevonta Brooks, parked it outside a barbershop and went inside. The aviation unit told the police what Brooks looked like, so they caught him when he left the shop and took him into custody.

Because of the AirTag showing where he was, Brooks got arrested and charged with using a vehicle without permission and stealing a vehicle. He’s in jail with a bond of $28,500 and can’t be released right now.

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