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New ‘Aliro’ Standard Aims to Simplify Unlocking Doors With Smartphones

A new standard called Aliro was introduced today by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), of which Apple is a member, with the goal of enhancing the compatibility of smart door locks with wearables and smartphones.


Members of the alliance are collaborating to create a new communication protocol that will enable compatibility across wearables, mobile devices, and access control readers. Similar to Matter, the goal is to have smart locks that work without an app on any smartphone or wearable gadget.


The Aliro protocol aims to “foster widespread adoption of consumer electronic devices to unlock doors and openings” by establishing a uniform experience for approved hardware devices, according to the CSA.


Aliro would be a common communication protocol and credential that would make obtaining a digital key for a smart lock and unlocking a door with a wearable or smartphone considerably easier. The CSA claims that it will have a “lasting impact” on how individuals enter homes, corporate offices, warehouses, hotel rooms, healthcare facilities, universities, and other locations.


Aliro will support NFC, Bluetooth LE, and Ultra Wideband transmission technologies, as well as asymmetric cryptography and credential data. It is designed to function consistently across devices, regardless of hardware or operating system. Apple, Google, Qualcomm, Samsung, and other CSA members back the Aliro project.

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