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Nvidia: US tech giant unveils latest artificial intelligence chip

Nvidia has announced its latest artificial intelligence (AI) chip, which is 30 times faster at some tasks than its predecessor. The company has an 80% market share and aims to maintain its dominance.


CEO Jensen Huang unveiled a new set of software tools in addition to the B200 “Blackwell” chip at the company’s annual developer conference. Nvidia is the third most valuable firm in the U.S., trailing only Microsoft and Apple.


Nvidia stated that big customers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI will use the company’s new flagship chip in cloud computing services and for their own AI solutions. It also stated that the new software tools and microservices boost system efficiency, making it easier for businesses to integrate an AI model into their operations.


Mr Huang also presented a new generation of chips for making humanoid robots, asking six of them to join him on stage. Long before the AI revolution, it began adding capabilities to its chips that it claims to aid in machine learning, which has helped it acquire market dominance.


It is currently regarded as a vital company to monitor how quickly AI-powered technology spreads throughout the commercial world. However, rivals such as AMD and Intel are becoming increasingly competitive.

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