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Top 5 Best Online File Converters You Should Try

Converting one file into another sometimes becomes essential in the current time. Different audio, video, and document files come in multiple formats. You may need one format for one platform while the other for another. The online file converters are best to switch the one file form into another quickly and easily.

File conversion software is also the right way for this purpose, but you need to download it before starting the process while many of them are paid. In this situation, the online file converters rove to be the best choice. You will find this way more efficient, advanced, and full of the latest conversion features to make the whole procedure safe and effective.

A little amount of time and effort are needed to accomplish the task through these online services while you are available with multiple options to change the one file format into another. We are going to define some of the top online free file converters, which will give you a tremendous experience in this regard. You can choose any of them to cater to your conversion needs. Have a look!

File Zig Zag

FileZigZag is our first entry to the list of best of File converter websites available these days. It supports a variety of file extensions and users can convert any file i.e. PDF, JPG, PNG, Doc, Docx, etc. to any format they want.

Just drag and drop any file from your computer and choose the format to which you want conversion. You can upload multiple files at once and without any delay, you will get the desired output in great quality.

The conversion of various files you can do easily through this online site which comes with many advanced conversion features. You will get many advantages and options so that the one file can be changed easily to another format without losing the quality of data.

This top file converter offers great support of almost 200 file formats while the audios, videos, PDFs, eBooks, and more types can be converted easily without paying or downloading anything. You need to go to the website of this to start the procedure while the output will be of high quality. You will find kit the great choice from all the perspectives.


Among the most reliable and highly rated converters, Zamzar is the best choice. It comes with enormous capabilities and features too let you switch from one file format into others without any difficulty. The unique approach and excellent performance have earned it much appreciation and value in the online world of technology.

The whole procedure is straightforward, while it comes with a user-friendly interface because of which anyone can use it. You can convert the one file into another within a very few minutes, while no data will be lost during the procedure.


FreeFileConvert another great file converter that assures the conversion of a file in a reliable, safe, and quick manner. The users will find it really suitable to cater to all of their conversion needs while assuring the desirable output in high quality without losing any data.

The whole conversion procedure is effortless, where you need to follow certain easy steps to get the file into your desired format, after which it can be downloaded. The unique and safe approach makes it one of the best online tools in every way, with the great support of 8,300 conversion combinations.

Foxy Utils

Foxy Utils is the best PDF to DOC free converter, which allows you to make the conversion with much ease and convenience. The batch processing feature makes it appealing among the other online converters, but you have to purchase the batch features to gain profits with it. It allows you to convert the various files at one time, which saves a lot of time. The conversion procedure is amazingly user-friendly and straightforward with this tool.

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