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Pirated Movie App Disguised as Vision Test Snuck Onto App Store

A vision testing software entitled “Kimi” with a not-so-hidden pirated movie feature recently passed Apple’s review team, eventually reaching number eight on the list of best free entertainment apps.


Kimi’s App Store title described it as an app that “tests your eyesight.” Still, it opened to a straightforward TV show and movie interface for downloading and playing unlicensed content when downloaded and installed. When downloaded and installed, the app’s genuine function was visible beneath a vision test interface, raising questions about how it passed the App Store review panel.


The ‌App Store‌ description claimed to compare photographs as an eyesight test, observing scenery, and playing games, but these functions were unavailable in the app.


Kimi provided top movies, search options, recommended suggestions, games, and other content, as monetization through advertisements. The app was approved in September and had been available in the iOS and macOS App Stores for several months before Apple became aware of it.


This is the second time in a week that Apple’s App Store has made news for questionable app approvals. Last Thursday, the popular password management tool LastPass alerted users to a bogus “LassPass” app that mimicked its style and feature set. Apple removed the software approximately a day after the story broke on media websites.

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