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The Pros and Cons of Cloud-based Software Systems (Infographic)

Using cloud-based systems is currently one of the most discussed topics in the corporate world because of the multitude of benefits associated with them. The Australian business sector shows cloud’s prevalence with one-third of it using cloud-based systems, 85 % using cloud computing services, and 60% using a cloud for storage purposes.

Hard drives, flash drives, and optical discs were used before cloud was introduced and all three have their limitations. The current average hard drive can hold from 160 to 500 gigabytes of data but storing a large amount of data in one would slow down the computer. The average flash drives and optical discs have a lower storage capacity which won’t do well when used as backup storage devices. Of the three, only flash drives and optical discs were portable but accessing them without a computer on hand is impossible.

Fortunately, mobile phones solve the portability issue of hard drives, flash drives, and optical discs but their average storage capacity is much lower which is also used by the phone’s systems resulting in being slower when filled with a large amount of data.

Cloud doesn’t have any of these issues and only really requires internet to access. It has a storage capacity of about 10 to 100 million gigabytes which serves as excellent backup storage. Due to the internet being the only requirement, users can retrieve files anywhere for use in computers or mobile phones.

Cloud-based systems are also automatically updated which means that the user won’t have to access it to download the latest software features regularly.

There are some cons when using cloud though especially when there are power outages, computer problems, and slow internet connections which could cause major technical issues. Privacy and security risks are also present when using cloud which means that you’ll require strong passwords, firewalls, data encryption, and role-based access control to secure your files.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud-based Software Systems

Bizprac’s infographic details the pros and cons of using cloud-based systems.


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