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Pros and cons of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an impressive concept of outsourcing our basic computer hardware and software needs like storage, computational power, databases and to minimize your business operating cost. It sets you free acquiring assets and invests a large sum of money on basic needs that can easily be rented on the basis of extending the capacity as you move ahead.

You might be using cloud computing unknowingly without any consent, for example, entering a query in Google. Now, your PC serves as a messenger by sending that query to the internet. It is Google that is processing the query through a hell of computers that dig deeper to return with the results that match the query. 

Businesses are also benefiting from this technology and saving cost for further development. To help you quickly understand its significance, go through the pros and cons below.


  • It offers a lowest upfront expenditure for the entrepreneurs who want to do more in the limited available funds. They can continue their startup or a business with a simple infrastructure. 
  • With limited cost, one can avail the opportunity to grow with the passage of time and ask for enhanced technology as a business has more funds available. 
  • Companies can scale their business up or down anytime without sending a prior notice to the service provider. 
  • You are required to pay for what you use and nothing more than that. This is a very cost effective solution for effective business model. 
  • A lower emission of carbon makes it an exceptionally viable option for an environmental friendly alternative.  


  • You may have to incur a higher ongoing expenditure. Being managed by experts with high-quality devices and technology, the services may cost you more than a self-managed option.
  • It makes you dependent on other service providers which may be a riskier solution for business managers who do not like to delay a project by a third party company.
  • There is a risk of being limited to the systems recommended by vendors or proprietors. It may restrict you from being migrated or moved to another system. 
  • Cloud computing may also pose the risk of valuable business data and confidential records being exposed to intruders as you neither know in which computer or location your data resides. 
  • As more and more people migrate to cloud technology, the problems of a traditional solution may occur again. In the future, it may be difficult to comply with things. 


That’s all. If you have any question regarding the above points, please go ahead to the comment section and share your thoughts with us. We always appreciate our readers who comes with some constructive ideas.

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