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Proton Drive Encrypted Cloud Storage App Now Available for Mac

With the release of its macOS app, Swiss-based privacy startup Proton announced the availability of its end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service for Mac users.


Users can use Proton Drive to sync files between their Mac and the cloud, access files offline, and free up space on their local drives. Unlike iCloud, all data is end-to-end encrypted by default, so no one can see the files, not even Proton.


Proton Drive files are synced on-demand, which means they don’t take up space on the local computer until they’re needed. Meanwhile, files and folders saved in the Proton Drive folder automatically sync online to Proton Drive, and any changes made locally are mirrored across all other Proton-connected devices.


Proton Drive syncs change when an internet connection becomes available after downloading files and folders for offline access. 


Proton Drive’s web interface debuted in September of last year, followed by native mobile apps in December and a Windows app in July. Proton Drive is now available on all major platforms, thanks to the addition of the Mac app.

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