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Samsung’s Bizarre New Ad Pressures Apple to Support RCS

Samsung appears to be joining Google’s ongoing “Get The Message” advertising campaign urging Apple to adopt RCS. In a new video on YouTube this week, Samsung claims that “green bubbles and blue bubbles want to be together.”


RCS is Google’s open messaging standard that was designed to replace SMS and includes a few iMessage-like capabilities. Apple, on the other hand, is opposed to the open standard.


The new 30-second riffs on Romeo and Juliet, with the iPhone user presumably playing Juliet and the Android user playing Romeo. The notion is that Juliet’s parents, Apple in this strange world, will not allow her to communicate with Romeo via RCS. Instead, they must rely on green bubbles to communicate.


The advertisement is basically a screen recording of a discussion in the Samsung messaging app. I’m guessing the budget for this one was somewhere around $3. “Don’t let Apple cost you, love,” adds Samsung in the video’s description.


Google’s long-running “Get The Message” ad campaign does not appear to have had any effect. Apple has shown no evidence of embracing RCS, instead using regular SMS alongside iMessage.


When asked about RCS by a client who couldn’t send specific films to his mother because she had an Android phone, Apple CEO Tim Cook encouraged him to “buy your mom an iPhone.”

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