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Samsung to Bring Satellite Features to Galaxy S24

Earlier this year, the South Korean firm intended to deliver satellite connectivity to cell phones. However, Samsung official Park Yong revealed last week (via SamMobile) that the company will begin delivering satellite connectivity for emergency services on its flagship phones in early 2024.


Despite the lack of specifics, it’s no surprise that Yong is referring to the Galaxy S24, given Samsung typically unveils new high-end handsets in January or February.


However, Samsung’s strategy for putting this feature into users’ hands remains to be discovered. Apple, for example, has included satellite capability in all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models. Samsung might do the same for the full S24 line, or it could limit satellite connectivity to the more expensive Galaxy S24 Ultra.


The Emergency SOS by Satellite feature on the iPhone asks the user a few questions about the situation. It sends the answers, along with the user’s current position, to a relay center. 


While the capability on Samsung phones should function similarly, the business has been investigating the prospect of sending and receiving any type of message via satellite. When there is no cellular connection available, users can send text messages to anyone, not only emergency agencies.

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